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What Marijuana Growers Can Learn from MSNBC Pot Barons of Colorado

What can marijuana growers learn from the pot barons of Colorado? Embedded in this article are answers to that question, in the form of videos from the  MSNBC series titled “Pot Barons of Colorado.” This is the best marijuana industry reality television show yet, but what it shows more than anything else is that people […]

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Marijuana Online Dating Apps

Dating Sites & Hook-Up Apps for Marijuana Growers & Users

One of my male friends (Jim) complains that discrimination against marijuana people is huge when you use online dating sites and apps. He showed me his nice-looking profile and Facebook page. He also showed me responses from women he tried to connect with, and other data from several of the most popular dating sites and […]

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fly high with marijuana

Here’s How to Enjoy a Colorado Marijuana Tour

Imagine you want the ultimate cannabis vacation on the planet right now. Where do you go? Colorado—home of the Rocky Mountain high. Some of us are good at using travel websites like Yelp or Trip Advisor, or going somewhere with a credit card, I-Phone, and GPS and making our own fun. But when you want […]

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Marijuana Kills College Student… Oh Wait, No It Doesn’t!

When I was getting my graduate degree at a well-known “party college,” almost every year there’d be sad news of students—usually frat boys going through hazing and other forms of frat torture—dying from drinking too much alcohol. They didn’t die only because they got boozed up and then went out and walked in front of […]

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Colorado Cannabis Hypocrisy: War=Good, Booze=Good, Marijuana Retailers=Bad

I love Colorado not just because I was born here but also because you can grow super marijuana here, which I’ve been doing mostly outdoors long before Colorado legalized marijuana for medical and recreational uses. Colorado is home to a lot of gun rights people, old-time backwoodsmen, survivalists, ex-military, extreme athletes, ski bums, cult members, […]

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Filling the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

Every medical marijuana user and medical marijuana grower I’ve ever known has dreamed of heading to Amsterdam some November to experience the High Times Cannabis Cup. Now, High Times has recognized the booming North American medical marijuana scene by creating High Times Medical Cannabis Cup events that take place in Denver and San Francisco, two […]

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