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Patent Profiteers: Could Jamaican Lion Save The Cannabis Industry From Patent Trolls?

From its initial planning in 1984 through to its conclusion in 2003, a global community of scientists collaborated on the largest undertaking of scientific research in history: The Human Genome Project (HGP). The US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) compares achieving this feat of mapping the entire human genome to the Apollo moon landing. […]

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Cannabinoid Temperatures

Using Vaporizer Temperatures to Select Cannabinoids & Enhance Your Marijuana High

Vaporizers are a marijuana inhalation tool that protect your lungs, but here’s a little-known secret: you can use vaporizers to control the types and ratios of marijuana compounds you inhale. This means you can achieve different medical and/or recreational effects from the same marijuana. Here’s how it works… The cannabinoids most of us have heard […]

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Medical Marijuana Miracles: High-CBD Colorado Cannabis Saves Children & Families

When a recent study came out saying a component of marijuana helps fight epilepsy, those of us who grow and use whole marijuana wished the media had reported the entire story. But it never does. It always buys into the usual “silver bullet” approach that the medical-pharmaceutical-prohibitionist complex uses with marijuana. Instead of using high-CBD whole […]

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