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cannabis patent

Patent Profiteers: Could Jamaican Lion Save The Cannabis Industry From Patent Trolls?

From its initial planning in 1984 through to its conclusion in 2003, a global community of scientists collaborated on the largest undertaking of scientific research in history: The Human Genome Project (HGP). The US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) compares achieving this feat of mapping the entire human genome to the Apollo moon landing. […]

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Dennis Rodman

Cryptocurrency PotCoin Sponsors Dennis Rodman At Trump, Kim Jong Un Peace Summit In Singapore

Just when it seemed the political news front couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre, retired NBA star Dennis Rodman showed up at Singapore’s Changi Airport this week wearing a PotCoin.com T-shirt and red “Make America Great Again” cap while being mobbed by curious reporters. Timed as a publicity stunt to coincide with the summit between […]

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cannabis agriculture trends

Cannabis Trend Report 2018: Here’s What To Look Out For In Tech, Grow Medium, Agriculture & Lighting

It all starts with the plant. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that, if we get caught up in regulation, politics or the consumer aspects of cannabis. But it begins with farming — light, water, nutrients and a seed. In this quickly evolving industry, farming is where ideas and advancements begin. Cannabis farming techniques have been […]

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