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How To Plant Outdoor Marijuana Like a Pro

Many of us in the indoor and outdoor gardening industry benefit from watching videos online that are made by other members of the community. The internet is a fabulous way for us to share information, and in my opinion, the true master growers are the ones who are willing to share their secrets with the […]

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Outdoor Marijuana Incredible Hulk Goes Indoors

I walked into a Kush dab den, and all the marijuana growers in the house were couchlocked in front of a big-screen television. While I checked out their dab rigs, and seven different brands of butane honey oil, they sat quietly. Something really hot must be showing on that big-screen television, I thought to myself […]

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How to Grow $51,000 Worth of Marijuana Profits

If you could make thousands of $$$$$ growing medical marijuana in just a few months, with minimal investment in grow equipment and supplies, would you do it? My bud buddy Jake made $51,000 last year growing outdoor medical marijuana at two guerilla locations. Maybe a better way to put it is he planted some marijuana […]

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