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Marijuana Grow Tent

Your Guide to Marijuana Grow Tents

Marijuana “grow tents” are exactly what you’d expect them to be: tents you grow marijuana in. Hydroponics nutrients pioneer Michael Straumietis (founder of Advanced Nutrients) has studied grow rooms, grow tents, grow houses, and grow warehouses during his three-decades career as a hydroponics gardener and businessman. He says grow tents are the best choice for […]

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Marijuana Pot of Gold

9 Big-Money Marijuana Jobs
You Can Get Right Now!

If there’s one person who definitely knows how to build a high-dollar career in the marijuana industry, it’s Michael Straumietis, founder of the first and only hydroponics nutrients company that makes fertilizers and supplements specifically for cannabis plants. When Straumietis first created Advanced Nutrients in the 1990s, the only places it was “legal” to grow […]

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New Year 2015

New Years Resolutions for Marijuana Growers

Can you believe it… another marijuana growing year has come and gone. Happy New Year,  my friends. Out with the old in with the new! Just like they do it in Amsterdam (check the video below): What does a new year mean for you as a marijuana grower? My new year’s fun includes reviewing what […]

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Marijuana Hypocrisy

Maximum Yield Marijuana Hypocrisy

Marijuana growers depend on hydroponics stores and the hydroponics industry, including magazines and other media, for grow supplies and information about growing marijuana. When you shop for marijuana grow supplies, you gotta know people are totally chill with you growing marijuana, that they grow marijuana and understand what you as a grower have to deal […]

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Medical Marijuana

Did Congress Just End the War on Medical Marijuana?

If you believe what you hear from lamestream major media like CNN and Huffington Post, you’d be celebrating news headlines claiming “Congress legalized medical marijuana.” Too bad that’s not what Congress did! Hydroponics nutrients inventor Michael Straumietis was on a nationally broadcast talk show recently, and the host asked him how he felt about Congress […]

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Marijuana Legalization is Great for Schools

Hydroponics Nutrients Inventor Says “Marijuana Legalization is Great for Schools”

Among the biggest myths from marijuana opponents are their false claims that marijuana legalization harms teenagers and has absolutely no benefits for society. Hydroponics nutrients pioneer Michael Straumietis recently appeared on a nationally-broadcast political debate program and totally trashed those lies. Straumietis, the founder and owner of hydroponics nutrients manufacturer Advanced Nutrients, appeared on a […]

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Boosting Tips For Marijuana Growers

5 Yield-Boosting Tips For Marijuana Growers

Whether you’re a professional marijuana grower or a newbie marijuana grower, there are five rules you can follow to gain more THC and more satisfaction from your growing. Rule number one is something you’re doing right now: you’re seeking cannabis growing information. One reason I love growing marijuana is I love the gear, soil, pumps, […]

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Mixing & Sourcing Nutrients for Marijuana

Questions About Mixing & Sourcing Nutrients for Marijuana

Dear Big Buds, I’m currently running Fox Farm Beastie Bloom (powder), Bioag Ful Humix (powder) General Hydroponics Floranova Bloom (liquid concentrate) GH Floralicious (liquid concentrate). Should I mix all these products in with a half gallon of warm water to dissolve the powder products then add to my reservoir with no complications ? My friend […]

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