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Marijuana Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel Show Highlights Online Cannabis Training University

The Discovery Channel and News Watch recently featured the world’s only online cannabis training university that helps you grow your best marijuana. The Discovery Channel show includes an interview with hydroponics industry pioneer Michael Straumietis, the man who created Grow Med University along with expert professional marijuana growers from across the world. Straumietis founded and […]

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Marijuana Legalization California

California Marijuana Legalization 2016: A Big Mess?

What happens if California voters legalize recreational marijuana via ballot initiative in 2016? Read our previous article detailing the California government’s planned approach to recreational marijuana legalization. The main takeaway from that article is if voters approve the marijuana legalization proposal most likely to be on the ballot, recreational marijuana will be “legal,” but still […]

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Marijuana Drought Water Conservation

Drought Survival & Water Conservation Tips for Marijuana Growers

With California, Washington, Oregon, and other Western states seeing climate change drought conditions bordering on catastrophic, marijuana growers are feeling the effects. Worst hit are outdoor marijuana growers who depend on streams and creeks fed by melting snowpack during summer. But in California and Washington this year, the snowpack is absent, and snow levels are […]

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Marijuana Military Veterans

Military Veterans Fight the VA Over Medical Marijuana

John Abrams (not his real name) believed George W. Bush when Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, and that Iraq was involved in 9-11. He joined the Marines, spending three and a half years in Iraq and one year in Afghanistan. Seriously injured by a roadside bomb, Abrams came home […]

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Canadian Marijuana Growers

Canadian Marijuana Growers Say: Don’t Import Sativa from Australia

Why does the Canadian government show blatant disrespect for Canadian marijuana growers? That’s the question many of us are asking when we learn the Canadian government is facilitating a marijuana importation scheme in cahoots with the Australian government and an Australian “medical marijuana” company called AusCann. AusCann is based on Norfolk Island, off Australia’s coast. […]

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Marijuana Paranoia

Do You Suffer from Marijuana Paranoia?

We’re doing an series of articles about getting paranoid when you use marijuana. Have you ever gotten high and suddenly felt scared, worried, anxious? Some marijuana users report intense, unjustified fear, verging on paranoia, after smoking strong marijuana, especially Sativa strains. I have a special word for marijuana paranoia: I call it “maranoia.” In today’s […]

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Marijuana Hydroponics Deep Water Culture

Hydroponics Marijuana Deep Water Culture (DWC) Guide, Part 3

In our first and second articles on maximizing hydroponics marijuana deep water culture growing, we got expert advice on nutrients, pH, oxygenation, water temperature and other important facets of DWC growing. Marijuana growing expert Michael Straumietis, founder of hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients, is again sharing unique, professional techniques so you get faster growth, earlier-maturation, […]

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