Super Jack (Medicine Review)

Sativa (Jack Herer X Super Silver Haze)

Downtown Los Angeles – $45 an 8th

Jack Herer has been and always will be in my top five favorite strains of all time. Super Jack has an extremely recognizable smell and is a little heavy for an otherwise average looking sativa. The effects are extremely varied depending upon person.

I was happy to be able to sit around and discuss the strain with a couple of other patients in this medication session. Most agreed that the taste and initial sensation were amazing. The mid-high was where the variation came in, with some patients saying it gave them a creative high allowing them to free their senses and lower their stress levels. Others claimed it gave them a lethargic effect—not quite couchlock Indica lethargic but a very ‘time warp’ sense of everything slowing down.

I recommend a small test of this strain before incorporating Super Jack into your medical routine. I almost wanted to try it in an edible or tincture form as I felt the pure body effect would have done wonders for anxiety. I highly recommend mixing it with a heavy indica for an amazing anti-insomnia potion. 2/3 Jack with any heavy Indica and you’ll get a nice smooth drift off to sleep each and every time.

THC – 15 %
CBD – .03%
CBN – .05%

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