stoner videosEye candy stoner videos so you enjoy the girls of summer!

Stoner Videos: Enjoy the Sexy Surfer, Volleyball, and Bikini Girls of Summer

Summer is a great time for getting stoned and getting out in the sun.

As a bi-sexual woman, pot grower, and sun lover, I’m spending time baked in the sun and getting baked by the sun.

I wanted to share my summer with you, my dear readers at

I took a hit of some Cuvee hash, and got creative.

What’s summer all about?

For me, it’s bikinis, surfing, heat, sweating, lakes, rivers, oceans, pina coladas, bong hits with icewater in the bong, volleyball, surfing, falling in love (or lust!), late nights in the warm velvety caress of a July evening.

And also, of course, carrying ice water to outdoor marijuana plants, topping them, feeding them, trimming them, guarding them.

Spraying them with Rhino Skin and B-52 to protect them against spider mites, drought, heat, and other harsh things that hurt outdoor marijuana plants.

Putting up stakes and trellises to support the big, fat buds to come.

Summer started on June 20 and only lasts until September 22.

It’s the time of the year when the promise of new life becomes a reality, when plants grow a foot per week in the burning sun.

I want you to promise yourself you’ll go to the beach, lake, river, waterpark, or wherever the beautiful girls in bikinis are, bring the finest Kush, Sativa, or Indica you can grow, and enjoy life.

And watch these sexy stoner videos, some of my favorites that never fail to make my blood warm.

I’m sharing my special stash of the hottest summer stoner videos for sexy moments that you’re sure to enjoy.

These lovely sights will surely motivate you to enjoy the girls of summer… whether they be cannabis girls or human girls!


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