Safely Make BHO Extractions With Concentrate Industries

I have to be honest, I’ve often helped friends make BHO (butane hash oil or wax as so many people like to call it), but I didn’t think I would ever do it on my own. Most of the tools use to make BHO are either sketchy homemade McGuyver devices or super expensive machines that most small or medium-sized growers can’t afford. I was afraid to use a glass tube because I didn’t want it to break, and I didn’t want to use plastic because of the chemicals that would be extracted along with the trichomes.

All that changed when I picked up my first ever extractor device from a company called Concentrate Industries. This piece of equipment is not only user friendly but also super sturdy, effective, and it made me feel safe! They are made of stainless steel, and are tig welded to assure that the pressure is contained. The butane holders come with hands-free clamps and brass (or steel) valves, which means you can let your trim soak in the pressurized gases before beginning the extraction.

This machine makes making BHO so much easier, and aside from the re-circulating systems (that work great but are quite expensive), Concentrate Industries seem to be the best BHO tools that save your gas and make the most out of your harvest leftovers.

About a week ago, I got a three-can model, pulled my crock-pot and a glass baking dish out of the cabinet and went to town on about half a pound of trim. I wanted to share with you guys a play-by-play of my first batch of solo BHO.

What you need:

– Concentrate Industries extraction tube (in 1, 2 & 3 can models)
– Butane (Number of cans depending on how much product your dealing with and your machine)
– Curing devices (ie: crock pot for hot water, glass casserole dish to spray into & vacuum with chamber if you want to be really high tech.
– Dried flower or trim (the more crystal content the better)

Prep Work:

– Freeze trim/buds over night
– Fill crock pot with water and bring to low boil. If you don’t have a crock pot or an electric hot plate (NO FLAMES), just fill larger container with boiling water.
– Place casserole dish in the boiling water, but do not submerge.

Extraction Time:

– Screw the bottom attachment onto the tube, making sure the rubber o-ring stays flush to ensure the seal
– Take the #2 caps from the butane cans and press them down inside of the can chambers.
– Fill the tube with as much flower or trim you can get in there without smashing (I got 1/3 lb of trim in mine).
– Screw the top can chambers on, again making sure the rubber o-ring stays flush (this is very important!).
– Make sure each of the can chambers is closed off with the release handle.
– Cinch each can into the chamber (one by one) by pressing it all the way in and tightening the tension with the handle on the side.
– Release the pressure into the tube on each can, one at a time. I preferred to exhaust one can at a time because depending on the product you could run anywhere between 1 and 3 cans per fill.
– Let the pressure build up for a minute or two before you open the bottom nozzle and begin to spray into the casserole dish
– Hold tube at a 45 degree angle.
– Slowly open the spray nozzle so not to blow it all over the place.
– Continue spraying until the pressure is gone, then repeat using the remaining butane canisters until the liquid coming out is completely clear.
– Keep the oil boiling until you can no longer see the bubbles escaping .
– After you no longer can see gas escaping you can either leave the pan out for a few hours to congeal and then place it in the freezer, or you can vacuum purge it and then place it in the freezer…

I hope this helps! Grow some…..sow some……blow some……BHO some! ;-)

And as always, when working with pressurized gas, work in a well-ventilated area, and make sure there are NO OPEN FLAMES nearby.

Check out this video I found of some other people who found the same machine.


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