Quick Cure Drying Rack – hydroponics equipments, Grow Gear

Experienced medical marijuana growers know the importance of a proper drying process. The sweet flavor and smooth inhalation we desire is produced by the conversion of starch to simple sugars and multiple enzymatic processes. After months of laboring over a crop the last thing any grower needs is an improper cure. Buds dried in haste resemble hay. Buds dried without proper airflow become mush or moldy.

Advanced Nutrients provides a solution with the collapsible Quick Cure Drying Rack. This ultra-breathable mesh rack comes in three detachable pieces ruggedly designed to handle any high yield garden. At 35” in diameter each of the six trays has a large surface area ensuring sufficient airflow. This enables growers to avoid rot and molds notorious for destroying bountiful harvests. The collapsible design allows for ease of storage and total portability. It’s time to throw out your old coat hangers and window screens and untangle yourselves from countless yards of twine. The Quick Cure drying rack is clean, simple and has the versatility to fit any grow room.

Check out the Quick Cure Drying Rack.



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