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Growing Sativa Marijuana: Insider Strategies #1

As we’ve discussed before in an article about Sativa and Indica cannabis, most marijuana strains are hybrids. Authentic pure Sativa and Sativa-dominant cannabis gives you a stimulating, hallucinogenic high that’s way different from Kush and Indica cannabis. For example, the breeder of a strain called Chocolope describes it as “95% Sativa and 5% Indica.” But when I […]

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Michigan Marijuana Is As Good As What You Find in Colorado Or Washington

I was at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan this summer, talking to a hydroponics storeowner who said Michigan has a bigger growing marijuana industry than any states other than Colorado, Washington, and California. This is especially impressive because Michigan’s marijuana laws are nowhere near as progressive as those in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California. […]

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Top 3 Soil Products for Marijuana Growers

Growing marijuana in soil is a mixed blessing for growers. Soil is more forgiving when it comes to root zone pH and nutrients buffering, but is almost impossible to totally control when it comes to feed programs and root zone problems…especially when compared to a pure hydroponics system such as aeroponics or deep water culture. […]

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Getting More CBD from Your Marijuana Plants

Most of us grow marijuana strains that have a very high THC percentage, because THC is the cannabinoid most responsible for getting you high. However, medical marijuana users are looking for other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol  (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN), because those cannabinoids have been shown to have significant medical benefits without getting people high. Me personally I […]

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5 Top Marijuana Strains You’ll Love to Grow

Ready for something new in your marijuana grow room and in your head? I almost never grow the same cannabis strain two seasons in a row, and I love to try new strains. Here are some cannabis strains I’ve grown in recent seasons that you’ll probably love. Golden Goat: This is among the most popular […]

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Increase Your Yields With Marijuana Boot Camp

When I first started growing cannabis, I babied my plants from start to finish, and worried about them like they were my children. I treated them not like weeds but like fragile green life forms that might wither up and die if they got too hot or too cold. I spent so much time looking […]

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5 Common Stereotypes of Marijuana Users

People who smoke a lot of cannabis are sometimes called “stoners.” It’s a strange word: stoners. And so is using the word “stoned” as a description of when you’re high on cannabis. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. There are many different types of marijuana users, and part of society’s prejudice against […]

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