New Jersey Will Start Growing Medical Marijuana Plants This Summer

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85,000 Square Foot Warehouse Will House Over 16,000 Medical Marijuana Plants
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" This is not, as some people call it, a ‘pot farm.' "
- Leo Schoffer

In Egg Harbor Township, NJ, a non-profit group is renovating an 85,000-square-foot building which will house more than 16,000 medical marijuana plants once it’s ready. This will be the first of two legal dispensaries opened in the state. Although the NJ law permitting the distribution of medical marijuana to qualifying patients passed over two years ago, certifying the vendors and facilities has taken this long.

This growing facility will also be making a variety of cannabis products such as lotions and lozenges. They are hoping to start the growing process by the end of this summer, with an opening date planned for December.

The dispensary will employ 50 people, who will all go through a four-month long process including a 71 page screening application and a background check. The dispensary will be selling the medical marijuana in quarter ounces, because of state rules. Ounces will sell for around $300. “Of that $300 an ounce, $115 goes to the federal government… If the government treated it differently, I could drop the price for people,” says William Thomas, the president of Compassionate Care Foundation Inc.

Real estate developer Leo Schoffer is the man who actually purchased the large warehouse for the Compassionate Care Foundation. “This is not, as some people call it, a ‘pot farm,’” he said. “This is a pharmaceutical industry, and it’s going to provide a service and provide jobs. In the long run, I think other towns will say, ‘Why didn’t we jump on the bandwagon?'”

James McCullough, the mayor of Egg Harbor Township, is supportive of the foundation. He says their operators have been extremely co-operative in every way, and that the dispensary will boost the economy of a stressed part of the county.

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