MMJ Dispensaries Giving Out Free Vape-Pens To Patients

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" Michael wants to give the same kind of relief he experienced to people who are undergoing the pain he went through. "

A Vape-Pen looks exactly like a one hitter, only it vaporizes… pretty slick. Michael Wachtel, the owner of the Vape-Pen Company, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2010. He then underwent many surgeries as well as six months of chemotherapy before he got rid of his cancer. He now knows firsthand about the nausea associated with chemotherapy, and the incredible beneficial effects medical marijuana has. Wachtel’s company is now offering free Vape-Pens this month, to chemotherapy patients in Colorado.

Wanda James, an activist in the medical marijuana field for a long time now, and a part of what’s being called the Chemotherapy Patient Project, says of Wachtel, "He understands personally the devastating effects of cancer treatments… Michael was able to use the Vape-Pen when he was actually on the chair receiving chemotherapy. That's why he's invested and become part of the company -- because it really got him through months and months of not feeling well. And he's putting his all into it… Michael wants to give the same kind of relief he experienced to people who are undergoing the pain he went through.”

Seven Colorado dispensaries, including the 6 locations of the The Clinic, as well as the Flower of Life dispensary in Boulder, are all offering the Vape-Pen free of charge to chemotherapy patients throughout the month of August. The Vape-Pen normally retails for $55. Patients need to carry a medical marijuana card, but also need to prove they are on chemo in order to receive the promotion. In addition, they can buy their first indica or sativa Cannamizer at a 50% discount.



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