MARIJUANA MOB MAYHEM! Riot At Spanish Weed Gathering Spannabis

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Rioters loot Advanced Nutrients at Spannabis

Rioters loot Advanced Nutrients at Spannabis
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Mayhem ensued when attendees rioted at the Advanced Nutrients display at Spannabis in Barcelona.

The crowd rushed the booth during a nutrient giveaway with AN co-owner Big Mike Straumietis.

The marijuana loving mob began to push forward as Mike and his assistants handed out sample bottle of the company's Big Bud, B-52 and Overdrive. AN employees attempted to hold the people back, but attendees soon rushed in, swiping nearly $30,000 in nutrients that were slated for giveaway over the weekend.

Crowds had been growing throughout the day as Big Mike and AN co-owner Gino Yordanov tossed out prizes such as t-shirts, frisbies and grower head lamps from the VIP second level of the AN display.

But when it came time to giveaway the nutes, safety concerns over tossing sample bottles to the crowd below lead to the decision to move the nutrients down to the main floor to handout.

Spanish MMJ enthusiasts couldn't resist the chance to get their hands on free nutes, and soon, the peaceful crowd turned into an unruly mob.




New video has emerged after yesterday's Advanced Nutrients riot at Spannabis. In the 6 minute clip, you can see the full lead up to the incident where Spanish marijuana lovers rushed the AN booth and ran off with $30,000 in nutrients.

What started as a friendly giveaway turned ugly (and potentially dangerous) as the crowd surged forward, trampling Advanced Nutrients staff in their rush to loot the nutes.

(The actual riot starts up around the 5 minute mark.)


Spannabis says that the last day of the show will go on. However, AN and the management will be watching for equally large crowds. Exhibitors have been asked to tone down giveaways and promotions, and an ambulance has been parked onsite in case the situation gets out of control — again.

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Photography by Vanchella Mitova
Article by Big Buds, on Feb. 16th 2013

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