Dad Grows Marijuana To Finance Daughter's Jamaican Honeymoon

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By Catelyn Snow


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Dad Grows Marijuana To Finance Daughter's Jamaican Honeymoon

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" There is just about nothing dads wouldn't do to make their daughters happy. "

Ask most fathers, and they will often tell you that there is just about nothing they wouldn't do to make their daughters happy, sometimes to a fault. Parental love is not just as strong as steel; it's as strong as stems.  

For one respected construction worker in England, the economy had been tough, and money was tight. Even so, when he found out that his little girl was getting married, he wanted to give her the Jamaican honeymoon that he knew she deserved. Wayne Longley knew that he had a goal; he just did not quite have a plan -- yet. 

Then something clicked. Suddenly, the idea of growing marijuana in his basement was not out of the question when it came to giving his princess the wedding of her dreams. I mean, who would know? He wasn't hurting anyone. 

Wayne Longley began growing 31 of these completely benign plants, at a cost of about $7,900 per month in electricity, hoping to make a profit of at least $25,000 to add toward his daughter's honeymoon fund; but now it looks like he won’t even be able to come to the wedding. 

In 2011, UK authorities found the hidden grow room in his basement, and he subsequently pled guilty to "producing marijuana" and "extracting electricity," and will not be allowed to travel to Jamaica with the rest of the wedding party. 

It's about time for these antiquated laws to be rescinded, and for entrepreneurs like Wayne Longley to be rewarded for his hard work and ingenuity rather than punished for breaking an out-of-date law.

In the meantime, I hope his daughter makes the most of her wedding, and hopefully lights one up (legally, of course) in solidarity with her father, who just wanted to give his little girl the night of her life.

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