Countries With The Biggest Potheads Are Revealed

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Palau Has The Highest Amount Of Pot Smokers In The World
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" Palau is one of the marijuana capitals of the world, due to its rich soil, climate and laid-back culture.  "

Every year, the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime releases a World Drug Report. This report is an analysis of the global drug market, and was just released this week. The report take a rare look at drugs  on a global level, including which drugs are the most popular in each country, retail and wholesale drug prices, drug seizures, and illicit drug laboratories. The report basically has two parts—the first analyzes drug production, trafficking, consumption and the consequences of illicit drug use. The second part takes a look at the direction drug use will likely take in the future, based upon their statistics.

The report shows a graph of the highest-ranking countries where marijuana seizures occurred. At the top of the list is Mexico, with the United States in second place, Tanzania in third place, and Morocco in fourth place.

Of course to us, the most interesting part of this report was the analysis of marijuana smokers around the world. Where do the biggest potheads reside? Well, the research was done on people between the ages of 15-64 who have smoked marijuana over the past year. Palau was the winner, with 24% of their population having smoked marijuana this year. Next up, the Northern Mariana Islands at 22%, Guam at 18.4%, Italy and New Zealand at 14.6%, Nigeria at 14.3%, the United Stated at 14.1%, Canada at 12.7%, Saint Kitts and Nevis at 11.7%, and Bermuda at 10.9%.

Maybe it’s time to take a trip to Palau. It is one of the marijuana capitals of the world due to its rich soil, climate and laid-back culture. Privately owned islands govern themselves so owners can devote their time to growing, without any worries of law enforcement interruptions.

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