CanChew- The First Medical Marijuana Chewing Gum

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CanChew MMJ Bubble Gum
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" I think we have developed a revolutionary product… "
- Dr. George Anastassov, Director of CanChew Biotechnologies

A San Diego, CA based hemp producer, Medical Marijuana Inc, is introducing the first marijuana-based chewing gum next month in select states.  Just like the Israeli company that produced marijuana that has low levels of THC, therefore doesn’t get the patient high but relieves their pain, this gum will have the same properties. Their gum is called CanChew and is made for relieving pain, muscle cramps and nausea. This is a major breakthrough in chronic pain management.

Dr. George Anastassov, the director of CanChew Biotechnologies, stated in a recent interview, “Unfortunately, in the last 30 years, there has been absolutely nothing new in pain killing products…Current drugs have many dangers… Opioids have been a tremendous social burden, causing thousands of deaths each year.” He predicts that such opioid painkillers as Vicodin will be taken off the market because it causes liver damage.

Medical Marijuana Inc will start clinical studies soon in Europe to test the safety and effectiveness of CanChew.

CanChew is actually based out of the Netherlands, but Medical Marijuana Inc has bought a 50% stake in the company. The whole idea for the gum started out from a joke between Anastassov and his co-inventor when they were figuring out different possible delivery systems to use marijuana for pain relief.

“The delivery of these hemp extracts via the oral mucosa provides for rapid and near complete absorption directly into the body’s systemic circulation… The cannabinoids in CanChew are also processed with the saliva during the chewing process.  Cannabinoids then enter the digestive tract and are processed in a slower, less aggressive manner.  This gives the user a time-release factor, which allows for benefits of the CanChew gum to extend for several hours… I think we have developed a revolutionary product…We’re just tapping the possibilities for cannabinoids in chewable form. The opportunities are limitless at this point,” said Anastassov.

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