Ann Arbor Decides Not To Require A License For Medical Marijuana Growers

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Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana

University of Michigan
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" Before the changes, Medical Marijuana cultivators would have been required to apply for one of only 10 cultivator licenses issued by the city. "

Medical Marijuana Growers working in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of the University of Michigan, breathed a sigh of relief Monday night, when the city council amended the licensing and zoning ordinances currently being considered to not require caregivers growing outside of their home to apply for a special license, according to Before the changes, Medical Marijuana cultivators would have been required to apply for one of only 10 cultivator licenses issued by the city.

The ordinance being considered still contains a variety of restrictions, including a 72-plant limit on the amount of Medical Marijuana plants a cultivation facility can grow. The number comes from the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, which allows caregivers to grow 12 plants per patient, up to five patients, plus 12 plants for his/herself. The current ordinance also limits the number of dispensaries allowed in Ann Arbor to 20.

Several reason we given by council members for deciding not to license Medical Marijuana cultivators. One rational was that the city does not wish to gather information on growers which could end up being used by the Federal government. Another reason is that licensing could force caregivers to operate larger Medical Marijuana gardens in residential, rather than commercial zones, which are more difficult to regulate.

The council also left open the possibility that multiple caregivers could join together as a co-op to grow more than 72 plants under one roof.

The ordinances will not be voted on until the council meets in June, meaning further changes in the regulations could still be at hand.

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