American Weed Reality Show Debuts on National Geographic

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By Laura Vladimirova


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American Weed

A scene from American Weed.
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" Will the entertainment industry's current obsession with all things green impact the legitimacy growers and patients? "

Medical Marijuana reality-themed TV shows are making the rounds this television season. American Weed debuted last night on the National Geographic Channel. The program focuses on the trials and tribulations of medical marijuana businesses in Colorado.

The first episode features a Fort Collins dispensary that faces heat from local residents and law enforcement and the counter actions the dispensary owner and his family take to become a part of the community. It also highlights grow-ops that may or may not be operating within the rights of the law.

Catch American Weed on National Geographic, Wednesdays at 10 PM.

Here's some food for thought: How will the entertainment industry's current obsession with all things green impact the legitimacy of the situation for growers and patients? Are we being exploited?

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Photography by Photograph by Steve Schrenzel / NGT
Article by Laura Vladimirova, on Feb. 27th 2012

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