Michigan Medical Marijuana Threatened: Now Medical Marijuana Medibles are Illegal?

Michigan medical marijuana growers, patients, and medical marijuana dispensaries are increasingly outraged that police, prosecutors, Michigan Republican politicians, and Attorney General Bill Schuette are dismantling Michigan’s medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2008.

Nearly all Michigan’s medical marijuana dispensaries have shut down or been raided and closed.

In recent raids, a massive multi-agency marijuana task force raided three Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries while also serving search warrants on the government offices of the city of Springfield, Michigan.

Police as always allege that the three medical marijuana dispensaries— The Karmacy, Southwest Compassion Care Center and Happy Daze— sold marijuana illegally. But Karmacy’s lawyer said the medical marijuana dispensary only sold to people with valid medical marijuana cards.

Michael Cain, co-owner of Southwest Compassion Care Center, said his medical marijuana dispensary was robbed by police.

“Police said they had made a buy. But everyone who comes in has a medical marijuana card,” Cain explained. “The police came in and robbed us, and took all of our money and all of our stuff.”

One of Cain’s customers, a 67-year-old disabled veteran who refused to give his name, said Michigan police are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars raiding law-abiding medical marijuana dispensaries and growers.

“We’ve got murderers, meth labs, child molesters, right-wing militias, carjackers, and a whole lot other bad people in Michigan, but police and prosecutors waste their time and our money wrecking the medical marijuana industry,” he said. “I am too sick to grow it. Where will I get my medicine?”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Michigan medical marijuana people, an appeals court ruled that medical marijuana edibles are not legal unless they contain “actual plant material.”

The ruling came in the case of a medical marijuana patient and caregiver who had the legal right to possess marijuana, grow it, and provide it to others. Police seized his medical marijuana medibles and included them as basis for criminal charges.

The defendant was convicted and sentenced to jail. When he appealed the conviction, the appeals court made a confusing ruling claiming that the language of Michigan’s medical marijuana law doesn’t allow for medical marijuana medibles to be considered as “usable marijuana” permitted by the law.

“Consequently, an edible made with THC extracted from resin is excluded from the definition of ‘usable marijuana.’ Rather, under the plain language of the MMMA, the only ‘mixture or preparation’ that falls within the definition of ‘usable marihuana’ is a ‘mixture or preparation’ of ‘the dried leaves and flowers of the marihuana plant,'” the court ruling stated.

The ruling has led many Michigan medical marijuana advocates wondering if medical marijuana topical oils, tinctures, extracts, and concentrates are also totally illegal.

Meanwhile, Michigan medical marijuana patient Jerry Duval just started a ten year federal prison sentence for growing marijuana. Duval has so many medical problems that imprisoning him will cost taxpayers an estimated $1.2 million during his prison term.

Originally, the feds were going to lock up Duval in a prison that lacked medical facilities. When his lawyers pointed out this would likely kill Duval and suggested that he be given no prison time, or at least be put in a medical prison, the feds chose to put him in the medical prison.

Duval wrote to the feds, asking whether locking up a severely-disabled medical marijuana patient for ten years—a sentence longer than some child rapists and murderers—was a fair and honorable thing to do.

But when it comes to medical marijuana in Michigan, the only fair and honorable people are the ones who grow medical marijuana and provide it to patients. The attorney general, police, anti-marijuana politicians, and prosecutors are a bunch of ignorant bullies who are hell-bent on gutting the law voters passed.

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