Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review – Purple Passion

Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

(West San Fernando Valley – $60 an 8th)

Purple Passion is, from what I am guessing, a cross between a Dutch Passion female with a Purple Erkle father. Whatever its mom and dad are, the offspring they produced is a magical Indica-dominant hybrid that makes you feel as thought you haven’t a care in the world.

The frosty purple nugs create a smell of fruit that fills the room. It delivers an amazingly smooth smoke that gives you an instant uplift that will carry you out of any slump and a subtle and slow comedown on an Indica feather. I enjoyed the strain very much for it’s uplifting high, but the initial Sativa boost didn’t last very long before the Indica comedown started. It’s also quite a creative high as well that really gets the mind flowing and the energy level up. However, the creative mojo at the onset only lasts 35-45 minutes before the Indica takes over,

I can’t really recommend the strain for the price I paid, but if your able to pick it up for any less anywhere around I would recommend it for anti-anxiety and anti-depression. Definitely good in a pinch when you’re feeling down or as a relaxant when you’re stressed out.

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