Medical Marijuana Sex Magic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is cumming, so how can you make this your hottest Valentine’s ever? How about combining medical marijuana, sex and romance?

One way to get your Valentine’s Day party started is by reading this to find out about using marijuana as herbal Viagra to make your Valentine’s Day wilder and more orgasmic than ever.

Along with a bouquet of medical marijuana flowers, some medical marijuana chocolates, and cannabis Viagra, there’s another item that’ll provide you and your lover with Valentine’s Day fun.

It’s a book called Sex Pot, published by Ed Rosenthal’s Quick Trading, and written by a wild marijuana woman who calls herself “Mamakind.”

“I am a bi-sexual, polyamorous, swinging Prairie BudBabe, ex-West Coast CheebaChick, former Montreal MarijuanaMaven (sic),” the author says. “Believe me, I encourage anything that contributes to the Total Being Orgasm…”

Total Being Orgasm…sounds Kind to me! Mamakind’s book describes combining marijuana with orgasms to increase the pleasure of both, and it’s also partly autobiographical. Or more like “sexobiographical.”

Sexually open-minded stoners could well get turned on reading MamaKind’s confessionals, including:

• Her husband’s birthday present to her one year was to bring another male into the bed so Mamakind could experience her first threesome.
• Her first orgasm while high was so intense that she almost saw the face of a god.
• When a lover put “Bengay and clothespins” on her genitals, and it felt good.
• Being ridden like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, in a swimming pool.
• When she saw a girl take a condom full of sperm and suck the sperm out of it.
• Being in a swingers’ club and having so many people sexually touching her at once that she had an orgasm so intense it felt like either passing out or throwing up.
• How she has pleasured herself in a variety of off-beat locations, including the outside deck of a BC ferryboat, in a car in the middle of winter next to an oil pumping station, while waiting for a bus near a military prison in Israel.

I’m sure you’re getting the picture here…this lady is totally in love with sex and marijuana, and utterly fearless about how she engages in it, as long as it’s “safe and consensual.”

Of all the sensual and hilarious tidbits Mamakind shares with us, I was most intrigued by her stories about “pussytoking,” and dildos that double as medical marijuana paraphernalia.

You’ll recall from my marijuana Viagra article that hippie girls showed me their technique of inserting bubblehash into their “orifices.” THC and other cannabinoids are absorbed directly into their blood stream that way. They experience transcendental orgasms, way juicier kittycats, and increased health. And some of the girls believe that the when their partners went down on them or had intercourse with them, that cannabinoids transferred along with kitty juice into the partners, making everybody sexually higher!

Whew! Sounds like the kind of Valentine’s Day most of us would love!

Mamakind’s Sex Pot book doesn’t have much of that kind of specific marijuana-inserting technique in it, but it does provide ample, sizzling Valentine’s Day stimulation for anyone who enjoys candid, entertaining, sexually explicit true stories about marijuana and sex. Happy Valentine’s Day to medical marijuana lovers everywhere!

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