Marijuana Growers Not Welcome at Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo

The pain and frustration in his voice made me feel sad as I listened to yet another indignant hydroponics businessman telling me about his efforts to rent a booth at a Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo.

“Maximum Yield first told me I should send my booth deposit,” he explained. “Then after they cashed my check and I already made air flights and other plans, all of a sudden they told me I’m not allowed to have a booth at the indoor gardening expo.”

The hydroponics businessman explained that indoor gardening expo events put on by Maximum Yield and other hydroponics media are important ways to reach hydroponics growers, network with other hydroponics entrepreneurs, and increase a company’s visibility in the hydroponics industry.

Until a couple of years ago, if a hydroponics grower wanted to see a wide variety of hydroponics products all in one place and talk to hydroponics manufacturers, the Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo was the only game in town.

Recently, marijuana indoor gardening expo events such as THC Expose and Kushcon provided an alternative to the Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo.

But Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo events are still seen as important, and before Kushcon and other events came to be, Maximum Yield events were the only indoor gardening expo trade show venues for the hydroponics community.

In some cases, such as when a start-up hydroponics company wants to get established, or when an established hydroponics company wants to showcase new hydroponics products, a Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo trade show can be a make or break event.

“They had my deposit money, and I had already booked flights and other stuff that wasn’t refundable,” said the hydroponics businessman. “When I asked them why they were now saying I couldn’t have a booth at their expo, they said it was because I was ‘too close’ to the marijuana community.”

The Maximum Yield representative informed the hydroponics entrepreneur that Maximum Yield had “talked to people about you and your products,” scrutinized the company’s website and brochures, and asked hydroponics retailers if the company was “friendly” to medical marijuana growers.

“Maximum Yield are totally against the hydroponics marijuana community is what I found out,” he said. “They won’t let anybody advertise in their magazine, or be at their indoor gardening expo, if you have had even the slightest connection with marijuana growers or with hydroponics companies that are on the Maximum Yield shit list. If you respect hydroponics medical marijuana growers, you are on the Maximum Yield shit list.”

The Maximum Yield “shit list” includes large and small hydroponics companies that have been honest about the significant role that medical marijuana growers play in sustaining the hydroponics industry.

If you go to a Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo, you notice that some of the most innovative hydroponics companies are absent, because Maximum Yield won’t let them rent a booth.

“I look at Maximum Yield as Big Brother enforcing an anti-medical marijuana code on the hydroponics industry,” he said. “Maximum Yield advertisers and hydroponics retail stores carrying Maximum Yield are happy to take tens of millions of dollars a year from marijuana growers, while at the same time viciously discriminating against marijuana growers, and hydroponics companies that are honest about marijuana growing. I feel hypocrisy is too kind a word for Maximum Yield and their buddies who all profit off of marijuana growers- while acting like medical marijuana growers are bad people who don’t deserve to be represented at the Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo.”

Nobody in this video can mention hydroponics marijuana!

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