Hydroponics Marijuana & pH Perfect Perfection

I’m writing about hydroponics base nutrients known as the “pH Perfect” system.

The manufacturer says if you use them you don’t have to spend your time and money on pH meters and pH Up and pH Down.

Ever since I became a hydroponics marijuana grower  I knew the pH of your water, hydroponics nutrients, and root area determine whether your marijuana plants are going to thrive or have problems.

If your water and nutrients and cannabis root area are not between pH 5.7 to 6.3 you’re not going to have all your nutrients going into your hydroponics marijuana plants like you want.

The wrong pH deprives your hydroponics marijuana plants of essential elements.

The wrong pH in nutrients water and/or the root zone it can just about stop their growth or make it where your buds never develop properly or you lose potency.

I had a grower friend who was already using Advanced Nutrients, the Connoisseur base nutrients to be exact, and he was using their bloom supplements, vitamins and other stuff too.

But he was using the older version of the Connoisseur and not the pH Perfect version.

His marijuana always looked better than mine, but then again, he was spending about $270 more per season on fertilizers.

He was pissed off that he could not get the Connoisseur pH Perfect  version even though other marijuana growers in other parts of the country could get it.

Then when he did get it he immediately called me and said I should come over to see how the pH Perfect stuff worked.

When I got there he had a reservoir filled only with reverse osmosis water.

His hydroponics marijuana plants were already in bloom phase.

He took a pH pen and showed me that the reverse osmosis water was at 7.0.

He put the pH Perfect Connoisseur in. The water immediately went to 5.7.

Then he put in Big Bud, B-52, Bud Factor X, and Bud Candy.

He had the pH probe and the ppm probe in the reservoir as he did this adding.

The ppm’s increased but the pH stayed at 5.7 and  5.8.

Those are the perfect pH settings for your hydroponics marijuana plants to get the most nutrition.

He told me that the only way you would see the pH change is if you diluted the water so much that it fell below the ppm levels that the pH Perfect hydroponics base nutrients needed to accomplish its pH mission.

So yes, I now saw that no matter what pH was the water you started with, if you used the pH Perfect base nutrients you could be assured that your water would be buffered to a perfect pH.

It was fun for me and him to try to figure out how Advanced Nutrients did that.

What it means is that you’re getting more from your nutrients and more control over your ability to feed your plants what they need.

My friend is a far better marijuana grower than me, so he explained why this is good.

He growers cannabis strains that can take a lot of ppm’s, known as heavy feeders.

I’ve smoked that stuff and it is about as strong as a person can handle without passing out.

So he tinkers with his feed program by making it more ppm’s than would be normal, and also by adding in more Rhino Skin, which has a thing in it that helps to beat powdery mildew or at least reduce its reach.

He also is able to pour on the Overdrive in the last weeks of his blooming.

I got rid of my General Hydroponics, Technaflora, and Heavy 16 nutrients and switched over to the Sensi pH Perfect base nutrients.

I’m getting heavier and faster harvests, and I save time and money because I no longer worry about pH.

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