Marijuana Hypocrisy

Maximum Yield Marijuana Hypocrisy

Marijuana growers depend on hydroponics stores, manufacturers, websites, and magazines  for cannabis growing supplies and information.

When you shop for marijuana supplies, you gotta know people are totally chill with you growing marijuana, that they grow marijuana and understand what you as a grower deal with.

That’s why it’s important for you to know the sad truth about Maximum Yield Magazine and its indoor gardening expo events.

Maximum Yield and their allies such as General Hydroponics, Hydrofarm, Botanicare, and Sunlight Supply only exist because they make tons of money off of marijuana growers.

So why is it you’re banned from Maximum Yield indoor gardening events if you openly make or use hydroponics products for marijuana?

Or that you as a cannabis grower aren’t allowed to even mention medical marijuana at Maximum Yield hydroponics indoor gardening expos.

Why do you never see a marijuana grow room in Maximum Yield Magazine?

Why is Maximum Yield all about lettuce and cucumbers?!?

It’s because none of the people who create Maximum Yield or its expos understands or grows marijuana!

I wandered around a few Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo events talking to employees of Maximum Yield, General Hydroponics, Botanicare, Fox Farm, Technaflora, Hydrofarm, Hortilux, Sunlight Supply and other companies that make huge $$$$$ off of our marijuana growing community.

I asked a simple, straightforward, crucial question: Does your company advocate for the rights of marijuana growers?

Their answers: “Marijuana is illegal. Don’t ask me that. Who the fuck are you? You’re at the wrong Expo. We don’t cater to criminals. You’re an idiot. Sorry, I can’t talk about cannabis. Sorry, it’s illegal under federal law.”

Behind closed doors they admit marijuana growers are what keeps the hydroponics industry going, and they all get high.

But at the expos and in their other venues, such as Maximum Yield Magazine, they pretend marijuana has nothing to do with the hydroponics industry.

They say they’re frightened there might be a repeat of a one-time federal raid of hydroponics retail stores in 1989, called Operation Green Merchant.

The thing is, now a quarter century since Green Merchant, and the feds give no indication they care about the hydroponics industry anymore.

After all, cannabis is totally legalized in Colorado, Washington, and Alaska, and partially legalized in nearly two dozen other states.

No sane person believes the feds are going to bust a hydroponics store, Maximum Yield Magazine, a hydroponics manufacturer, or an indoor gardening expo if marijuana growers are treated with respect and transparency in those venues.

For example, High Times proudly brought its marijuana-friendly Medical Cannabis Cup to San Francisco just a few weeks before the Maximum Yield San Fran indoor gardening expo.

Everybody at the High Times event had a great time.

Hydroponics companies, growers, and marijuana users networked and partied and there were no problems from the police or anyone else.

More and more members of our hydroponics cannabis community are balking at having to submit to Maximum Yield’s mandatory marijuana “code of silence” if they want access to the indoor gardening expo’s benefits.

What it really comes down to is Maximum Yield’s anti-marijuana policies are a victory for drug warriors.

“What I noticed talking to Maximum Yield is they use the exact same language as drug warriors,” a frustrated hydroponics businessman told me. “They say ‘we’ll have plainclothes people in the expo to make sure you’re not talking about marijuana.’ They won’t let me hand out my product brochures, because my brochures talk about growing marijuana, which is what this whole industry is about!”

Hydroponics manufacturer Advanced Nutrients has long been the only hydroponics company to publicly challenge the anti-marijuana policies of Maximum Yield.

During 2011’s Maximum Yield San Francisco indoor gardening expo, Advanced Nutrients flew an aerial banner above the Maximum Yield expo for several hours.

The banner said: “Want Big, Sugary Buds?”

“The hydroponics marijuana community wants manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to honor marijuana growers,” explains Michael Straumietis, the owner of Advanced Nutrients.

Straumietis says Maximum Yield’s paranoia might have made sense 20 years ago, but now comes across as irrational.

It hurts growers who go to the expos, Straumietis says, by depriving them of the ability to ask cannabis-specific questions about hydroponics products.

“Imagine if you went to a car show and the reps couldn’t talk to you about cars,” Straumietis says. “Thank god for magazines like High Times and BigBudsMag, and the High Times Cannabis Cup. Maximum Yield doesn’t understand marijuana plants. They’re also very insulting to marijuana growers, the people who keep them in business!”

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