Marijuana Vaporizer: Your Way to Incredible New Marijuana Highs

I’ve been a marijuana smoker most of my adult life. You’d enjoy trying out my wicked glass bongs, hammers, and bubblers.

But I don’t smoke marijuana much anymore, and I’m getting higher than ever. Yet, it’s not because I’m eating marijuana medibles.

How is that possible? Because of the marijuana vaporizer secrets I’m sharing with you in this article, that’s how…

When you research marijuana vaporization, it’s useful to visit a marijuana website called “”

It’s about marijuana vaporization, and as the name implies, the site’s members think it’s stupid for you to be combusting marijuana with flame and inhaling the smoke.

Combustion of marijuana creates tars and other irritants that hurt your lungs and throat.

Marijuana combustion also produces toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene, and naphthalene. These inhaled compounds create dizziness, tiredness, headaches, blurry vision, confusion, weakness, and oxygen deprivation.

Ever felt those after taking a big bong hit? I have. Funny thing is, I assumed those effects were an inherent part of the marijuana high. But they’re not—they’re what you feel when combustion byproducts poison you.

When you “f**k combustion” and use a vaporizer instead of flame, you avoid those toxic effects…and get a new kind of marijuana high!

But you have to use a really good vaporizer, and there aren’t that many reliable models or brands available.

My first vaporizer experiences were with devices that lacked precise digital temperature controls. Inferior vaporizers don’t have quality heating elements, good airflow controls and pathways, and precise temperature control that ensures you’re getting maximum delivery of THC.

Sad to say, inferior vaporizers degrade and waste THC, while delivering increased amounts of cannabinol or cannabidiol (CBN and CBD).

Yes, CBN and CBD have medical marijuana benefits, but for most marijuana users they produce unpleasant sedation, heaviness, mental fog, and other downer effects that rob us of THC’s euphoria and stimulation.

You can do better than that. Here’s how you use a quality vaporizer with precision digital temperature controls and properly-designed airflow pathways to give yourself an exciting world of new marijuana adventures:

Using a precision vaporizer, you can get a pure THC high from any strain of marijuana, no matter what the cannabinoid percentages and ratios are.

THC is the cannabinoid most of us are looking to inhale, and lots of it. THC is just one of three major cannabinoids found in whole marijuana; the percentage and ratio of THC to the other majors (CBD and CBN) determines how a particular strain of marijuana makes you feel.

For example, if you have some types of Indica or Kush-dominant marijuana strains, they may be relatively higher in CBD and CBN, and lower in THC, than Sativa-dominant marijuana.

When you’re smoking whole marijuana, you have no control over your inhaled cannabinoid ratios and percentages. You get what the smoke gives you, including the tars and toxins.

But when you have a precision vaporizer, you can set the temperature so it only vaporizes THC.

The magic is, THC vaporizes after you hit about 305 degrees Fahrenheit, but other cannabinoids don’t vaporize (and won’t be delivered into your lungs) unless you set the vaporizer to approximately 380-415 degrees Fahrenheit.

So no matter what marijuana strain you have, if you only want to experience THC effects, you dial 305-320F. You only get vaporized THC, and you avoid CBD and CBN completely.

Yeah, this is similar to dabbing a pure THC extract such as budder or wax. Those extracts are almost pure THC by weight.

Not only do you get a massive rush when you inhale full-melt bubblehash, wax, other marijuana concentrates, or vaporized THC, the rush you get is a THC-only high…a type of clear, kind high you just cannot get when you put flame to whole marijuana bud.

Using a precision vaporizer equalizes marijuana strains so you get the maximum high from any marijuana strain you have.

If you smoke marijuana with low THC percentages, and especially if the low THC is coupled with higher than average CBD/CBN, your high is not going to be so high, and you have to smoke more of it to get high at all.

Not only that, but the more you smoke, the more CBD, CBN, carbon monoxide, and toxic compounds you get…and these tend to negatively color your high.

With a vaporizer, you dial in the temperature for THC and all you inhale is THC. Whatever THC is in that marijuana is what you get.

Using a quality vaporizer, experiment with incremental changes in digitally-controlled vaporizer temperatures and discover a new world of cannabis taste, smell, and psychoactivity!

Take a look at how it worked for me with potent Chocolope

When I used a premium vaporizer to inhale Chocolope marijuana, there was virtually no taste, only a little vapor, and no marijuana smell.

I was kind of missing that feeling of smoke going down my throat, making my head feel like someone hit it with a sledgehammer, and coughing.

About two minutes after I inhaled the vapor though, I was soaring on a vape high much different than when I’d smoked Chocolope.

It was clearer, more uplifting, and lasted longer.

Plus, I’d used only a fraction of what I usually loaded into a bowl. I got a sweeter high, and used less Chocolope.

The next day, I again put Chocolope into the vaporizer and set the digital control to 415F.

This temperature is the uppermost, non-combustion vaporizer temperature range because it vaporizes THC, CBD, CBN, and most of marijuana’s aromatics and other compounds—but stops just short of combusting the marijuana, so you don’t get harmful combustion byproducts.

This marijuana experience was much different from the day before.

I coughed a little, there was much more taste and smell, and the high was heavier, less stimulating, more like when I smoked Chocolope.

For medical marijuana users seeking the pain relief and other medical benefits of CBD/CBN (and the many other compounds in marijuana that scientists suspect could also have medical benefits), this upper temperature range gives you the cannabinoids and other compounds you want…without combustion irritation and toxins.

Over a period of weeks, I carefully managed my marijuana use so I could accurately evaluate the qualitative psychoactive differences I got when making incremental temperature changes.

I gotta tell you—I experienced a mind-bending marijuana adventure that I hadn’t anticipated.

At 325F, I got only THC vapor with no taste and I could barely feel the vapor as it went into my lungs.

At 335F, I first tasted specific aromatics and other compounds.

Between 320 and 380, sometimes with an adjustment of only a couple of degrees, I could ferret out isolated solo flavonoids and other components of Chocolope taste and smell.

It was like going through a menu of music and picking out specific songs.

The vaporizer gave me the ability to have many different inhalation and psychoactive experiences from the same marijuana.

In fact, my final Chocolope vaporizer experiment tally showed I’d found five specific temperature settings or ranges that each produced unique vaporization ratios of THC and non-cannabinoid compounds, and I got a markedly different kind of high off of each setting.

It was like five cannabis strains in one!

Simply stated, the unique power and benefits of vaporizing are: you don’t get combustion toxins; you control what cannabinoids you inhale; your high is clearer and more diverse; you use less marijuana; you have increased security because there’s less marijuana odor; you use marijuana vaporizer digital temperature control to create an almost-infinite variety of marijuana inhalation and psychoactive experiences.

Read this vaporizing marijuana versus smoking article that contains other interesting facts about smoking versus vaping cannabis.

Since the article was published, people in the vaporizer industry and the cannabis community networked with me about vaporizers, and I’ve tested all major marijuana vaporizer brands, both portable and home units.

I had to write a newer article that explained how some portable and desktop vaporizers aren’t engineered properly and can create problems for you.

Not only can you use precision marijuana vaporizer temperatures to select which major cannabinoids you’ll inhale (THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, and THCV among others), you can also use vape temps to select other specific cannabis compounds.

These include the “flavonoids” and terpenoids that give different scents and tastes to different marijuana strains.

Cannabinoid Temperatures FFlavonoids are more than just tasty or sweet-smelling. Many of them (such as cannaflavin, apigenin, best-sitosterol, and quercitin) have specific medical effects and also may subtly affect your high.

Terpenoids too contribute to the aromatic qualities we love in our marijuana, and as with cannabinoids and terpenoids, they also have their own medicinal and psychoactive properties.

Useful terpenoids include Beta-caryophylleneAlpha-terpinol,  Beta-myrcene, Delta-3-carene, 1,8-cineole, D-limonene, Linalool, Terpinol-4-ol, Borneol. Alpha-terpineol, and Pulegone.

We’re giving you a chart that shows the approximate temperatures at which various marijuana compounds vaporize.

Please note there are scientific disagreements about the precision of these temperatures, so you should take them as a guide, not as an absolute lock.

Note there’s been massive popularity for vape pens that vaporize pre-loaded cartridges of hash oil or high-CBD oil.

These pens are very portable, and sometimes you can stealth-consume with them because they look like e-cigs. I’ve sat at NFL football games vaping hash oil and nobody around me had a clue!

I still smoke marijuana— but only when someone offers me a joint or bowl, or when I want to do product testing while curing bud, to evaluate whether the taste and aroma are where I want them.

My expensive glass marijuana smoking accessories are gathering dust and feeling lonely. Such is the price of marijuana progress.

Ready to expand your enjoyment of marijuana while eliminating toxic combustion byproducts?

Then get yourself a quality vaporizer right away, put your favorite marijuana in a grinder, and then into the vape chamber… and enjoy your ascent into the upper levels of marijuana experience!

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