Marijuana & The Hot Science of Sexual Tantric Ecstasy

When you look at why we all love marijuana and sex, it’s because safe, natural, kind, intense pleasure makes us feel life is exciting and truly worth living.

And one reason I write about marijuana and sex from a woman’s perspective is the marijuana industry has been dominated by men, and it’s time to put a woman’s voice into the marijuana media world.

Because of the male dominance of the marijuana world, the use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac, a romance accessory, and a way of achieving the highest sexual pleasure has been neglected.

Today’s article explains how you use marijuana and a powerful sexual science called “Tantra.”

Few people have heard of Tantra, even though it’s been around for thousands of years.

What you discover is that sexual Tantric ecstasy is yours, especially when you combine Tantra with cannabis.

It comes from the same area of the world (India, Nepal, Asia) where marijuana has been grown and used for thousands of years.

The connection is marijuana and sex have been used for spiritual goals in those cultures, not just for fun.

Tantra comes from traditions arising from Hinduism, Buddhism, and allied “religions.”

It’s accurately described as a form of sexual “yoga.”

I don’t mean Tantra only involves making love in different positions than most of us use, although creative lovemaking acrobatics is sometimes a part of it.

What distinguishes Tantra from regular sex is it unites yoga, deliberate control of breathing, orgasms, ejaculation, speech, meditation, and loving intention so you achieve deeper sexual pleasure while also nurturing love, healing, bonding, caring, and stronger friendship with your sexual partner(s).

Tantra often centers on giving a woman ultimate, endless, life-changing orgasms. Women who specialize in Tantric sex are called Tantrikas, and are highly valued as sex therapists and love partners.

Why should women have all that Tantric sex fun?

Well, a lot of men spend huge amounts of time chasing p**sy, but few realize the price we women pay for having one.

We bleed out of them once a month. We often have terribly painful menstrual cramps during that time too.

We can get pregnant and be faced with choosing an abortion or birthing a baby.

Creating a baby inside you and then having it exit through your crotch can be a supremely painful experience.

Then we have the baby sucking on our breasts for many months, and at least 18 years of caring and worrying.

Maybe that’s why Mother Nature gave women the potential for super-orgasmic clits and vaginas…if you use marijuana and Tantra and work on us the right way, women can have hours of peak orgasm, life-changing sexual pleasure.

Guys, using Tantra, you make a woman feel great, and gain her love more and more.

But you can also learn to withhold your sperm so you have increased pleasure and don’t just squirt out the white stuff and then feel tired like you’ve been hit by a freight train.

You can learn to cum without ejaculating. You can learn to make a woman ejaculate.

Using Tantra and marijuana, especially marijuana massage oil, you make a woman feel so good she’ll beg you for more sex and will be utterly loyal to you because you’re the best lover she’s ever had.

If you’re inclined to be religious, some Tantric practitioners say you’ll get so high during Tantric sex that you and your lover “find God.”

At the very least, you’ll find a tightening, drenchingly wet p**sy and a very hard penis, as Tantric techniques give you transcendental sex that lasts for hours and is for many people more fun and meaningful than anything else on earth.

What’s really kind of ironic is there’s a war on Tantra the same way there’s a war on marijuana.

The people who hate pleasure (the same ones who’ve tried to keep marijuana illegal) persecute Tantra teachers and therapists…even trying to jail teachers just for taking about Tantric sexual ecstasy.

Nevertheless, there are a few women called “Tantrikas” (not all of them support the use of marijuana and Tantra) who provide Tantric services and instruction.

Some of these women are the equivalent of “prostitutes” who use Tantric techniques.

Others are sincere spiritual seekers who use Tantra with clients to achieve spiritual benefits and altered states of consciousness.

Especially if you don’t have a lover willing to explore Tantric power with you, a trained Tantrika can take you to heights of ecstasy that you’ve never experienced before…in a safe, non-sleazy, healing session that goes beyond sexual pleasure.

The best Tantrika is one who uses Tantra to help you explore issues with health, your body, your attitudes towards sex, and emotional trauma.

In my past articles about sex and marijuana, you’ve learned other easy to use techniques for getting more and better sex, with marijuana as the key to open the door of sexual ecstasy.

Today, I’ve embedded Tantric sex videos and hyperlinks, and have recommended other information so you get more information about Tantra.

I hope you now experience Tantra: the sexual yoga that takes marijuana and sex to an even deeper and more loving place than you ever imagined. Go for it!

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