Marijuana Sexual Massage with Marijuana Massage Oil: A Recipe for Wicked Fun and Healing!

Combine marijuana, massage, and consensual sex between two people who trust and care for each other, and you create heavenly sexual experiences!

Start with the fact that marijuana compounds called cannabinoids (such as THC) can be infused into massage oils to make “marijuana topical oils.”

When you rub marijuana massage oil into the skin and the cannabinoids transfer into your blood, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and cannabinoid receptor sites.

Marijuana topical oils are highly medicinal! They provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, and they fight inflammation.

Used as sexual massage oils, they give you an extremely sensual, aphrodisiac high that’s much different from vaping, smoking, or eating marijuana.

Here’s how you can enjoy this healing marijuana sex experience:

1. Buy or make marijuana massage oil. Quality marijuana oil at a medical marijuana dispensary is pricey; it’s easy to make your own.

First, get an organic oil base such as organic sesame oil.

Take an ounce or two of uncrushed, fresh, quality marijuana and put it in a stainless steel pot on the stove. Cover the bud in oil about an inch above the level of plant material, put a lid on the container, and turn stove on very low simmer setting.

Stir as you let the mixture gently heat for two hours.

Then pour the marijuana massage oil through a fine strainer into a large, sealable mason jar.

You don’t want plant materials or moisture in the oil.

Store oil in upper part of refrigerator.

It retains potency and freshness for a max of three months.

2. Consider getting a massage table.

You can get good massage tables for less than $100.

3. Watch massage videos embedded in this article.

They give you lots of hands-on techniques, and some of them are pretty hot.

You also find lots of massage fun, and perhaps a new career, taking massage classes and studying massage books and videos.

There’s plenty of information specific to male sexual massage and female sexual massage that’ll spice your marijuana sex life.

4. Find a marijuana massage partner who loves marijuana, loves getting high, loves sex, and likes or loves you.

Using the techniques you learned in the video, starting out with small amounts of marijuana massage oil.

Give yourselves 15-30 minutes to feel the marijuana effects.

It’s a body stone that’ll make you feel sexy and chill, and it lasts for 1-4 hours.

5. Experiment with different types of marijuana, and different ratios of raw material and oil, as you make small batches of marijuana massage oil.

6. Putting marijuana massage oil on genitals obviously feels good. Putting marijuana massage oil on the labia, clitoris or inside the vagina can result in the female marijuana Viagra effect we talked about in previous articles.

Massage with marijuana oil is an ecstatic experience. You get all the medical marijuana benefits of marijuana topical oil and massage, combined with unique aphrodisiac sexual enhancement marijuana provides.

In future articles, I’ll talk about specific types of marijuana sexual massage in more detail.

You’re sure to love what marijuana oil massage can do for you right now and read my other hot articles about marijuana and sex now too!

Take a look at the bottom of the page below this article and you’ll see plenty more on how to use marijuana as an aphrodisiac:)

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