Marijuana Sex Fun: Marijuana Makes Vaginas Happier & Healthier

Ask marijuana growers and users what gives them sweet pleasure, and you’ll see marijuana and vaginas at the top of the list!

Marijuana sex fun is one of the main reasons people use this amazing plant!

That’s why I’m writing this series of marijuana sex articles giving you insider details on combining marijuana and sex so you get more pleasure from both.

You already see from our past marijuana sex articles that placing safe, clean marijuana extracts inside the p**sy creates a marijuana Viagra effect—enhanced orgasms for a woman and her sex partner.

In today’s article, you see how “feeding” marijuana to a vagina makes a vagina happier and healthier too.

Start with the fact that marijuana extracted into oils is a creamy topical lubricant that makes sex feel way better.

Now take a look at this article about making marijuana massage oil.

When you gently heat high-quality marijuana in organic sesame oil or other oils, your kind bud’s essential oils, fatty acids, cannabinoids, and terpenoids transfer into the oil.

You get luxurious, nutrients-rich oil that lubricates, moisturizes, medicates, and intoxicates the vagina.

Marijuana compounds transfer through vaginal membranes into the bloodstream…and the woman gets a thrilling sexual high!

And guess what—if you’re making love with a woman whose vagina has been fed marijuana, the oil transfers marijuana compounds into you when you go down on her or have intercourse with her.

It works for heterosexual, bi-sexual and homosexual couples, and also works for masturbation.

Beyond the enhanced sexual ecstasy that vagina marijuana gives a woman, she also gets healthier. For many centuries, marijuana creams and balms have been known as antibacterial medicines.

Marijuana oils and other marijuana medicines fight against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a dangerous infectant that marijuana beats…even though pharmaceutical medicines can’t.

Another way to make a happy vagina (and happy woman) is to prevent pregnancy, thus preventing the vagina from having to be painfully split open by a baby’s head as the baby exits the womb.

So here’s the good news…reliable studies reveal that sperm exposed directly to marijuana swim like they’re high! They’re so stoned that they have a harder time fertilizing an egg, and therefore they’re less likely to create pregnancy.

So, add birth control as another of the benefits of administering marijuana directly into and onto the vagina.

And the marijuana vagina hits just keep on coming.

Marijuana oil delivers essential fatty acids and other compounds that boost the immune system, fight arthritis, ease pain, heal sports injuries, make skin glowing and supple, and reduce cholesterol, inflammation, and pain.

[I’m talking about marijuana infused into a natural oil such as sesame oil…not butane honey oil, or other types of oils extracted with alcohol or butane. Solvent marijuana oils aren’t good for the vagina, although they do get you very very high.]

Not only does marijuana oil make a vagina feel good, marijuana compounds are anti-cancer and anti-tumor.

With reproductive organ infections and cancer as serious health concerns for women of all ages, marijuana in the vagina is more than just sexually pleasurable—it’s life-saving.

You can easily see why feeding marijuana to a vagina is a way to put a smile on a vagina’s face.

Also note that marijuana oil is wonderful as a hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, and anti-irritant.

If you love a smooth, silky, clean-shaven vagina, marijuana oil works to help prevent shaving irritation.

If the woman has a natural bushy vulva, marijuana makes pubic hair shinier, softer, and sexier.

Now that you’re all excited about using marijuana oils and solvent-free extracts to make p***y have more fun, read my other sex marijuana articles (click on the links embedded throughout the article) about making marijuana massage oil, and using marijuana oil and concentrates (like bubblehash) as marijuana Viagra and a vaginal health treatment.

When you apply marijuana oil and extracts to the labia, vulva, clit, pubis, pubic hair, lower crotch, thighs, and deep inside the vagina, you create the ultimate in marijuana aphrodisiac pleasure and increased health…for every vagina you love.

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