Marijuana SexYou’ll love having sex using marijuana oil as a lubricant and aphrodisiac!

Using Marijuana Oil For the Best Sex of Your Life

Today I’m sharing a way to enter heaven on earth using cannabis and sex as your portals to paradise!

Now that cold weather has come and my lover and I have more time to explore our passion for marijuana and sex, we’ve discovered new ways to combine cannabinoid-infused oil with lovemaking to create pleasure and bonding that goes beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before.

It’s easy to make this work for you, and here’s all you need to do…

Make Sexy Marijuana Oil

Put 6 cups of organic, food-grade, organic sesame, coconut or olive oil into a quality, deep cooking pot.

Put two ounces or more of dried bud onto a cookie sheet and bake in oven for ten minutes at 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take the two ounces of baked bud and cut or chop it into smaller pieces.

Place the baked, chopped bud into the oil and make sure there’s enough oil to just cover the bud.

Turn the stovetop heat to medium low.

Using a food-grade kitchen thermometer, heat the oil/marijuana mixture to stabilize its temperature at 155 degrees Fahrenheit. DO NOT BOIL!

Keep the oil and marijuana at 155 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, with the pot you’re cooking in mostly covered.

Turn off heat at 45 minutes. Then, pour the oil through cheesecloth into a stainless steel or other airtight, light-tight container.

Take the marijuana material and squeeze or press it to get out the remaining oil.

Don’t let any particles of marijuana get into your final oil. You want it free of all plant matter.

Store marijuana oil in the lower part of your refrigerator. It’ll keep for approximately 3 months.

You can use this oil by itself, or as a food-grade oil for salads, dipping, and many other food items, to get super high.

Please note that cooking times and temperatures presented here are open to experimentation.

Some marijuana chefs recommend  different temps and/or cooking times for when you heat your marijuana in the oil.

My best advice is to start with the temps and cooking times I gave you, and if you feel your cannabis oil isn’t strong enough, increase your cooking time to 90-120 minutes, or increase your temp to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Experiment with times and temperatures and eventually you’ll find the temps that work best for you.

However, I do urge caution: if you overheat your cannabis during the baking or the oil heating stages, you degrade THC and lose some of the cannabinoid potency of your oil.

THC totally degrades at temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so be careful how hot your buds get when you’re making medibles or other cooked/baked extract products such as marijuana sex oil.

Using Marijuana Oil to Create Incredible Sex

When you’re ready to have some wild and orgasmic marijuana sex, take half a cup of your marijuana oil and heat it in a shallow glass container for 30 seconds on the highest setting of your microwave.

For added punch, put live resin extracts, dry sift, budder, bubblehash, or errl into the oil before you heat it in the microwave.

Now for the marijuana sex…

The woman should be on her back with a towel under her abdomen and pelvic area, and a pillow under her buttocks to elevate her hips because you’re going to put marijuana oil into her vagina.

A way more sexy and sexually useful position is for the woman to do a yoga pose called “Happy Baby.”

This pose happens when a woman is on her back and brings her legs up towards her head, holding her ankles with her hands.

In this revealing position, her crotch is like a shallow bowl, and you can more easily put the marijuana oil into her, perhaps pouring it in from a measuring cup, using your fingers, or a small spoon. Make sure the oil is pleasantly warm, but not scalding hot.

If the oil drips or otherwise gets onto her body, that’s fine, especially if it goes towards the anus or onto the labia.

One main sexual aphrodisiac power of this technique is that cannabinoids transfuse into the woman’s bloodstream via the mucus membranes in her vagina and anus.

She’ll get a massive, total-body high unlike any other type of marijuana high.

As her sexual partner, you get high and give her pleasure at by performing oral sex on her. Just swallow some of the oil… then get ready for a wild sexual cannabis trip, especially if you don’t have any food in your stomach.

It takes about 30 minutes to feel the psychoactive effects of marijuana oil absorbed through the vagina or anus, and about 10-15 minutes to feel the effects of marijuana oil that you orally ingest.

When a woman is in the Happy Baby pose, her lover has perfect access to the vulva, clit, vagina, labia, and anus, and you can bet there are many hot ways to use this crotch access to create powerful, multiple orgasms.

If your lover has an attractive crotch and you’re into visual stimulation, the sight of her open and ready, oiled up with cannabinoids, is certain to arouse you more than you’ve been in years!

Intercourse in this position with marijuana oil acting as a lubricant and your minds melting from the high will link you in Tantric sexual union that takes your orgasms to a much more intense level.

Read about Tantric marijuana sex here.

And as always with marijuana aphrodisiac effects, you and your lover feel more passion, attraction, and adventurousness when you’re using marijuana oil and are high making love.

Get more sexual marijuana fun by reading my other articles on marijuana and sex, and enjoy the sweet pleasures of love and cannabis!

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