Marijuana Motivation: Using Marijuana To Access Your Subconscious Mind

In previous articles in this series that shows how marijuana and marijuana growing increase motivation for success in life, we discovered the following core principles and facts:

  • “Success” can be defined as having the money, lifestyle, health, love, friendships, and excitement you want in life.
  • Marijuana growing and related marijuana industries are good opportunities for success-oriented people.
  • Motivation to gain success comes from your natural desire to have a better life.
  • Some marijuana people want to succeed to show the world marijuana people are winners who don’t deserve prejudicial laws and bad treatment society puts on us.
  • Motivation and success jumpstarts when you have a “new idea,” a determination to be a master cannabis grower, or just a better way of doing things.
  • The marijuana motivation articles here at should be read from the first article onward, with special emphasis on embedded videos and audio. Reading the articles more than once is helpful too.
  • Motivation and success can be fine-tuned and enhanced using special techniques and marijuana to access your subconscious mind so your brain, attitude, and conscious mind are primed for winning.

The last point—that marijuana can help you access your subconscious mind—is what we’ll focus on now and in future articles.

It’s exciting and productive to use marijuana with self-hypnosis and other motivational techniques that activate and enhance your inner “success mechanism.”

Some strains of marijuana immediately take you to a “trance” state, slow down or completely quiet your conscious thoughts, change brainwaves, and otherwise allow you to access and transform parts of yourself that are otherwise inaccessible.

As you watch the embedded video, read the previous articles, and push towards deliberate control over your subconscious, you’re gaining the power to create a better life.

Imagine having more money, more love and friendship, better buds, increased health, a more profitable hydroponics grow room, a greater sense of well-being.

In upcoming articles, we’ll provide specific instructions on how to use marijuana to access your subconscious mind so you feel better and become more successful.

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