Interview with Mike and Alex host Alex Jones interviews marijuana hydroponics nutrients pioneer!

Hydroponics Nutrients Pioneer Featured on Alex Jones InfoWars

Marijuana hydroponics nutrients pioneer Michael Straumietis recently appeared on the Alex Jones Show via the network.

Alex Jones is a controversial radio talk show host, writer, political commentator, and documentary filmmaker known for libertarian, scathing critiques of governments, the drug war, and corporate corruption.

Straumietis was accompanied on the Alex Jones Show by award-winning documentary drug war filmmaker Kevin Booth, who formerly worked with the legendary, late comedian Bill Hicks.

In the interview, which starts at 1:05.36 on the video timeline, Straumietis explains that he hired top Bulgarian scientists to help his company, Advanced Nutrients, make high-yielding hydroponics nutrients for marijuana plants.

While working with the scientists in Bulgaria, Straumietis was dismayed by the country’s rampant political corruption and poverty.

He started a charity organization called Holiday Heroes, and a political movement.

During the conversation, which you can watch in its entirety in the video embedded in this article, Jones says marijuana is too stimulating for him!

Straumietis explains to Alex Jones that different marijuana strains, cannabinoids, and terpenoids create different highs.

The pair also discuss marijuana prohibition, growing marijuana, the drug war, and politics.

The Alex Jones Show and are popular alternative media channels with millions of viewers and subscribers.

“I was honored to be on the Alex Jones Show,” Straumietis says. “He loves freedom, hates wars, and hates lies. It’s a perfect venue to discuss hydroponics nutrients, the benefits of marijuana, and growing marijuana.”

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