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Bigger Buds Newbie Hydroponics Marijuana Grower Series: Understanding Grow Systems 1

You have a lot of choices when it comes to how you grow marijuana.

You can grow in soil that hopefully will provide marijuana plants with adequate nutrition and a healthy root zonel. 

But growers who’ve done soil grows and hydroponics grows tell you that you get the biggest weight and potency using hydroponics methods and materials, even if you’re growing outdoors.

Hydroponics indoor growing gives you TOTAL CONTROL over your marijuana plants, what they eat, and the conditions they grow in.

Hydroponics marijuana growing is the ultimate management and productivity machine for cannabis cultivation, even though outdoor marijuana plants can give you way larger weight per plant due to the size of the plants and their root zone.

Start by knowing that hydroponics root zone materials and hydroponics systems come in many different styles.

These styles affect how well your plants do for you, and how much work and cost it takes you to grow your marijuana.

Using hydroponics, you gain mastery over your plants’ performance.

And when you do that, you get the fastest possible growth, earlier flowering, faster floral maturation and heavier harvests.

There are many types of hydroponics systems and some of them you have to see in person or at least on videos to fully understand whether or not that system might be best for you.

Also know there are many differences between hydroponics marijuana growing systems. 

The most important difference is some hydroponics systems use a solid root zone media such as rockwool, coco coir, or hydroton to hold your plants’ roots and deliver water and nutrients… but other systems use mostly or only water in the root zone.

When you use solid root zone media such as rockwool or coir, your hydroponics plants are in a sterile, inert soil substitute that holds and transfers water, oxygen and nutrition.

In contrast, when you use true hydroponics “water culture” systems such as aeroponics, your plants’ roots hang in a chamber into which a nutrient-enriched water is periodically sprayed or misted.

Other water culture systems are called deep-water culture (DWC) and nutrients film technique (NFT).

Using those systems, your marijuana stalk and roots may be held in a small basket that has hydroton or another solid material as an anchor, or by a collar.

Crucial factors in hydroponics marijuana water culture are that you must use the highest quality nutrients and reverse osmosis water.

The only hydroponics nutrients made for marijuana are from the company Advanced Nutrients.

The owner and founder of the company is a big-time marijuana growing expert.

Because hydroponics marijuana water culture depends on pumps and timers to distribute water and nutrients, you absolutely must have reliable electricity and equipment.

Why? Because in regular marijuana growing, your plants have material like soil, rockwool, or coco coir around their roots. These materials provide water, oxygen, and nutrients that can support your roots for many hours or days.

In water culture systems like aeroponics and DWC, there’s no material to support your marijuana roots. If the electricity goes off, or if your equipment fails, your plants die within a few hours.

This article is part a series of articles for newbie and beginner marijuana growers so you understand everything you need to know about using hydroponics systems to grow kick-ass hydroponics marijuana.

So come back to and get more important info so your adventure in marijuana growing works well for you the very first time and forever.

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