Marijuana Growers: Who Really Loves You?

Marijuana growers are doing this world a big favor. We do hard work, take big risks, and spend our money to produce buds that make people feel good. And yet, we get harassed and dissed by society and police. But here’s how you find out who really loves and respects marijuana growers…

A friend of mine doesn’t grow marijuana but does grow other high-value plants, called bromeliads. Pineapple plants are in the bromeliad family, and there are thousands of other bromeliad sub-species. Like marijuana, bromeliads are quite a big horticultural industry worldwide.

My friend has to get bromeliad supplies and growing information only from people who’ve grown bromeliads themselves.

Why? Because like marijuana, bromeliads are a specialty plant, so generic gardening advice and fertilizers are useless, if not harmful. The only people you trust for supplies, starter plants, and grow inforomation are people who know bromeliads real well, he explains.

It got me to thinking about how the hydroponics industry deals with marijuana and marijuana growers.

As a California marijuana grower obsessed with getting the most bud per watt from every strain I grow, I called all the major hydroponics nutrients companies and asked them to prove to me that their products are going to deliver me the biggest buds and the most THC.

I called them when I first started growing marijuana because of course I wanted fertilizers that were going to make my plants give me the most THC and weight. I called them, and was hung up on…all except for when I called Advanced Nutrients.

The Advanced Nutrients product advisor verified that I was a licensed medical marijuana grower, and then he had no problem giving me great advice for using his products in my marijuana garden.

That’s one reason I now tell people Advanced Nutrients is THE company to turn to for marijuana nutrients. I explain that, as with the bromeliad grower, marijuana is a specialty plant and you can only trust people who know all about growing it and what works best for that particular plant.

But it’s also about who has the courage and intelligence to speak openly about marijuana rather than hiding behind tomatoes. Which hydroponics nutrients company is willing to take the risk to stand up with and for marijuana growers?

That question was answered easily when I went to the website and saw live video feeds from a huge marijuana event in Spain called Spannabis. From what I saw, it was obvious to me that there’s a big difference between Advanced Nutrients as compared to General Hydroponics, Technaflora, Botanicare, House & Garden, X, Heavy 16, Fox Farm, Humboldt Nutrients, and all the other hydroponics companies that sell fertilizers to marijuana growers.

Because right there on the live-feed screen at Spannabis was the corporate executive of Advanced Nutrients, a tall man named Mike Straumietis. He was holding a seminar for hundreds of European growers about growing your best marijuana.

On stage with him were three other cannabis experts: The beautiful Deonna Marie, whose family runs a kind hydroponics store in California. The buff and burly Brown Dirt Warrior, a bodybuilder and filmmaker whose outdoor growing movies and short films are classic. Remo, the Urban Grower, whose online marijuana growing videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

All four of those people are openly affiliated with Advanced Nutrients. All of them are marijuana experts.

No other hydroponics company has the marijuana expertise, or the political courage, to design and test their products for marijuana, and to help us grow bigger and better buds by providing specific marijuana growing information.

For me, this translates into “brand loyalty.” You have to ask yourself, should I give my money to hydroponics companies that never mention marijuana, that never test on marijuana, that won’t even talk to me about marijuana?

Or should I buy from the one hydroponics company that super-sponsored Spannabis and provided European growers at Spannabis with tens of thousands of dollars worth of free marijuana nutrients…and professional marijuana grow seminars.

Looking at an online video in which the growers at Spannabis actually rioted to get to Advanced Nutrients products, I have to say that even though those people were out of control and stealing, at least they understand which hydroponics company really loves and respects marijuana growers.

When people tell me that Advanced Nutrients is just one of many hydroponics choices, I point out that the stark fact is you will NEVER see General Hydroponics, Technaflora, Fox Farm, Humboldt Nutrients, Botanicare, House & Garden, Canna, Heavy 16, or any of those other tomato-grower companies doing research on the marijuana plants you grow.

You never see the top management biggies from any of those hydroponics companies at a marijuana event, giving seminars on growing bigger and stickier buds.

It’s easy to recognize that the only hydroponics company that’s really there for our marijuana community is Advanced Nutrients.

As a marijuana grower, it’s obvious you only want to use products made for your marijuana plants. You also only want to give your dollars to the only company that’s on your side as a marijuana grower, because when you give Advanced Nutrients your loyalty and product dollars, you help them have the resources to do even more marijuana science research, and provide us even more marijuana growing information.

This isn’t just the usual customer-manufacturer relationship: it’s a circle of marijuana cultivation friendship that results in more marijuana for the world to enjoy!

My brand loyalty pays off because Advanced Nutrients fertilizers make my plants grow better buds than any other fertilizers ever did.

It’s easy to see that only this one hydroponics company respects marijuana and does its best to help those of us who grow marijuana. That’s why they deserve our dollars. The bonus is your marijuana plants give you your biggest and strongest yields ever.

Take a look at the photo of my grow room at the top of this article. That’s all the proof you need that I know what I’m talking about when I say to you: Advanced Nutrients does for me what no other hydroponics nutrients company ever will because Advanced Nutrients is the only hydroponics nutrients company that’s totally up front about helping us grow our biggest buds ever!

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