Maintain Proper Water Temperature In Your Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Reservoir

As cold weather approaches it is very important to asses the temperatures in our hydroponic medical marijuana system’s reservoirs. It is very common for water temperatures to drop below the desired range during the winter months. A hydroponic system containing cold nutrient solution will result in slower growth rates, nutrient uptake problems and solubility issues with certain nutrient additives. In extreme cases of frigid reservoir temperatures, irreversible damage can be caused to a plant’s root system, ceasing nutrient uptake altogether and eventually causing death. When nutrient solution temperatures are consistently dropping below 65°F it is time to invest in a submersible heater.

Not all submersible heaters are the same. Most “reservoir” heaters are actually designed for aquariums and fish tanks where the water level is fairly consistent. With hydroponic reservoirs there can be a great variance in the depth of water depending on the type of system and how plant feeding is administered. Many of the glass submersible heaters on the market require the top portion of the heater to remain above the waterline while the majority of the heater must stay submerged. These heaters do not work well in a hydroponic reservoir where the water level periodically changes, as with an ebb and flow system.

Aqua Heat titanium submersible heaters are a great fit for the hydroponic industry for a couple of reasons. First, the heating rod is fully submersible so the grower can lay the rod on the bottom of the reservoir instead of attaching it to the side like in a fish tank. Secondly, the durable titanium material takes away the chance of the rod shattering—which notoriously happens when using a glass aquarium heater for hydroponic applications. The Aqua Heat submersible heater comes in 200 or 300 watt models which are capable of heating even large reservoirs quickly. A thermostatic controller allows the grower to set the desired temperature which makes the Aqua Heat reservoir heater a true “set it and forget it” product.

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