Mail Order Marijuana, Hash Oil Hashish

Mail Order Marijuana, Hash Oil & Hashish!

If you’re not growing marijuana or living where it’s easy to buy, you’d probably like to safely mail order or online order whole bud, medibles, or marijuana concentrates like errl, butane honey oil, or bubblehash.

I’ve spent  years looking at the legality, safety, and business realities of mail order marijuana.

And I keep monitoring the situation, and updating this article.

It’s gonna be a long article, but it’s loaded with the latest and best information, so make sure to really look at this…

You already know that ordering marijuana, medibles, and marijuana extracts via online marijuana ordering or mail order is risky.

It can be dangerous to order cannabis and have it shipped to you.

Even in a legalized marijuana state, mail order marijuana services are sketchy, and there are very few of them.

Direct, personal marijuana door to door delivery is way safer than relying on carriers like the United States Postal Service that are governed by federal law.

One recent new development is a website that offers classified advertising for people seeking to buy or sell marijuana online.

Our friends in Canada are having good experiences with this online mail order marijuana website.

You can also check out this insider article on getting marijuana from Craigslist.


Almost all the legit companies openly selling cannabis by mail are Candian-based and will only ship inside Canada. These include Pot by Post, Bud Buddy, and MaryJaneMail.

Mary Jane has a bigger menu than Pot by Post. She sells hash oil, various types of solid hashish, buds, and edibles.

But Canadian mail order marijuana people won’t ship to the USA.

Never fear…you can find marijuana delivery and online sales sites based in the USA.

One new type of service is a “weed of the month club” that delivers you sample packs of different kinds of marijuana as often as you want.

It’s a good way to try various cannabis strains and find your faves.

This service is currently available only in San Francisco.

Also available in San Francisco is Eaze, an app that lets you order marijuana that’s delivered directly to you  within just a few minutes.

Or you can go here and get 71% THC vape oil.

Problem is, they only sell to and ship to people with medical marijuana cards who live in Orange County, California.

Please note, as you’d expect…companies that sell mail order marijuana don’t stay in business forever.

Or, they frequently change their websites and contact info…especially now we know the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on everyone who uses electronic communication, and has broken most encryption codes.

You may go to Pot by Post, MaryJaneMail, or other mail order pot sellers and find they can’t be contacted at the moment.

But they may be back a few days later.

If you’re in the United States, know that people are shipping marijuana from legal states like Colorado, but it’s illegal for them to do it!

In the past 2-3 years there’s an increase in Craigslist marijuana advertisers (especially in Colorado), or people posting comments on YouTube marijuana videos offering contact information and a list of marijuana strains, and sometimes cannabis seeds, for sale.

Here are some YouTube comments I’m referring to:

“We are efficient and reliable suppliers of beautiful frosty light green nugs Medical marijuana, strong smell. large nugs a little fluffy smokes bomb, long high OG Kush, AK-47, Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, Blueberry, Purple Haze, Purple Kush, Blue Dream, Green Crack, White Widow Afghan Kush and other flowers. Send Email to (e, ) text us at, no calls accepted (402)-500-3056 (402)-500-3056

Cheap Medical Marijuana for sale E-Mail ( Text (509) 255-7518 for more info OR leave us MSG on FB 

We got the following Strains as below. OG Kush,Sensi Star,Platinum OG Kush,Black Domina,Charlie sheen OG,XXX OG,Afgoo, Grandaddy Purple,Ogre OG,Goo, Romulan, Lavender Kush,Blueberry,OG Bubba,Tangerine Kush,Holy Grail OG.”

Are these people for real? Are they rippers? Are they DEA?

Our team contacted a dozen of these advertisers, and our conclusion is that they’re scammers trying to get your money, your credit card info, and other personal information. Don’t do business with them!

From time to time, my research finds a handful of America-based websites purporting to sell legal medical marijuana via mail order. Some people say these sites actually do deliver.

As with any online or not-in-person transaction, you might send your money or credit card information, and never see any marijuana. Worse yet, your credit card might get compromised.

In the states with the most favorable marijuana laws (Colorado, Washington, Michigan, and California), mail order marijuana entrepreneurs feel safe to ship you marijuana if you’re a resident of that state or a person who otherwise legally qualifies to buy marijuana there.

Here’s yet another internet marijuana source.

Here’s how to be cautious when you buy weed online, via mail order, or on the deep web:

Create a fake email account and anonymously contact marijuana mail order companies to ask about their stealth and safety.

Look for complaints or compliments posted online.

You have to think had about whether you trust the situation enough to order cannabis products via mail.

Do a low-dollar test order first, only spending a small amount of money, and not ordering to any address that can be traced to you.

Don’t provide credit card information, bank account information, or any other information that could get you ripped off or busted.

What are the safest mail order marijuana products, especially if the products will be shipped instead of personally delivered? Marijuana edibles and concentrates. They’re harder for police to detect than whole marijuana bud.

Testing the market as I researched this article, I ordered the strongest marijuana extract, got exactly what I ordered, and enjoyed it tremendously.

It was nicknamed “hippie crack.” Made using alcohol extraction, it was almost pure THC.

As you know, hashish is made mechanically by physically dislodging resin glands and/or cannabinoids from whole buds using agitation, tumblers, sieving, ice water, chemical solvents or C02, or similar methods.

You can grow special high-THC hydroponics  marijuana strains to make your hashish with!

The U.S. federal government shut down an online black-market seller, Silk Road, that used to provide marijuana mail order.

There are other mail order marijuana sites that have been looked at by mainstream journalists.

If you have the munchies, or want to get them, this online marijuana medibles site might work for you.

I’m required to advise you that isn’t recommending that you break any laws, and that it’s illegal for shippers to use UPS, the USPS, or Fed-Ex to ship controlled substances across state lines.

I have to tell you, the best solution is for you to grow your own marijuana.

It’s easier to grow your own marijuana than you think.

Just tune in to the many articles that educate about marijuana cultivation, for expert and for beginner marijuana growers, and you’ll know exactly how to grow your own marijuana.

Growing your own marijuana saves you money, reduces your risk, and is far safer and cheaper than taking the risks associated with mail order marijuana.

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