Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review - Cannabis Infused Topical Spray

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By Nick Irie


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cannabis topical spray

Make your cannabis lotion work faster.
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" The topical spray helps open the pores and would allow for the more medically heavy lotion to be absorbed at a much faster rate.  "

(Hybrid / $15 West Hollywood /100 Total Sprays)

I had picked up this Cannabis Infused Topical Spray to go hand in hand with my Cannabis Infused Topical Lotion which I had gotten from the same co-op. I was told to heighten effects of the lotion, I should spray the affected area first with the spray and then blend the lotion into it.

The topical spray would then help open the pores and would allow for the more medically heavy lotion to be absorbed at a much faster rate. I would not recommend using this product alone as its main purpose is to compliment the lotion for patients needing their medicine to be absorbed faster, and for it to have much more of a kick behind it.

This spray, if used properly, seems to achieve that goal rather nicely. Normally, the absorption rate of the lotion from application to medication seems to be around 20-30 minutes, whereas with the spray, it cut the time in half to around 10-15 minutes. The problem I had with the spray is that it’s almost entirely comprised of alcohol, which can lead to excessive drying of the skin and can cause issues if the patient has a skin condition. I can recommend this product if and only if the lotion is unable to achieve its desired goal in the amount of time needed. Otherwise, for more powerful medication, simply apply more salves where needed to achieve desired effect.

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Article by Nick Irie, on Jul. 13th 2011

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