High Times Publisher Talks With HuffPost On Passing Urine Marijuana Drug Test

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By Catelyn Snow


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Studies Show that 9/10 Positive Workplace Urine Tests are For Marijuana

How should businesses handle marijuana legalization and drug testing policies?
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" Because marijuana stays in a person’s system longer than any other drug... traditional drug testing methods are unfair. "

In this video from The Huffington Post’s online web series, HuffPost Live, the host talks to High Times Associate Publisher Richard Cusick about drug testing in the workplace, its disproportionate effect on marijuana users, and how to pass a drug test.

Cusick argues that, because marijuana stays in a person’s system longer than any other drug, testing current or potential employees using traditional drug testing methods are unfair to marijuana users.

Now that marijuana is legal for medicinal use in 18 states and recreationally in two of those, how can a business fire an employee testing for positive for pot when perhaps another employee had been drinking or even using a stronger illicit drug more heavily and more recently, but would pass a urinalysis?

He discusses methods of passing those dreaded pee tests, and also shows an especially effective product, known as “The Whizzinator,” which includes a prosthetic phallus for men and a small tube for women and a bag full of clean synthetic urine, which will warm up to your body temperature as you wear it, allowing you to pass a urine test even if watched. As Cusick says, “You can take your test high.”

This, he argues, is the problem with current drug testing methods. He has no issues with a business wanting to avoid impairment in the workplace, but they should be testing for impairment, not someone who smoked cannabis over the weekend, just as someone would not be fired for consuming alcohol during their off-time.

If you have an extra half hour, watch the entire segment. It has a very spirited debate between some marijuana advocates, including Cusick, and a woman who represents a small business organization and advises her clients to promote a “safe workplace.” How she defines a "safe workplace" and how to achieve it is where the debate begins.

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