Using A Vaporizer Is A Healthier Alternative To Smoking Medical Marijuana

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By Harvest Honey


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Harvest Honey answers your MMJ questions.

Harvest Honey answers your MMJ questions.
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" Using a vaporizer is much better for you than smoking marijuana. "

Dear Harvest Honey
A few of my friends have recently started vaporizing instead of smoking. They all insist its so much better than smoking and are trying to convert me! I tried it once and while it did taste great, I didn’t feel like I was getting anything because when I exhale almost nothing comes out. I'm not a very versed smoker and have never had any of the fancy devices, is it true that its better for me and am I still getting high?

Jake from San Diego

Hey Jake, your friends are right to say that vaporizing is much better for you than smoking. When you smoke, anything that is burning produces some form of carcinogen that you are inhaling. You could be smoking lavender or sitting too close to a bon fire and you will be inhaling carcinogens. With that said, I have to explain a little bit about vaporizing.

First, what it does: Vaporizers basically heat the cannabinoids to such a high temperature without combustion that they actually reach the point of boiling and release vapor. The flowers don’t burn, rather, they dehydrate. You can vaporize your buds anywhere between 275°F and 400°F depending on the flowers, but I have seen the best results around  300°F. Anything above 360°F I feel burns too hot for me and chokes me out. Anything below 290°F, doesn’t burn hot enough. It’s also a good idea to grind the flowers down so that there is open air flow for the heat to evenly reach all of the resin glands.

The second point I have to touch on lightly is the kind of vaporizer you are using. There are many different types of vaporizers and devices that provide a vaporizing effect, some are manual inhale while others are fan-forced or stored vaporizers. Some you plug into the wall while others run on butane. Some have tubes while others have bags, some are U.S. made and others come from China. The old school traditional box style is the manual inhale type with a tube/bowl/mouth piece, or a “whip.” The new space-age volcanoes are fan-forced/stored vaporizers with a bag that you don’t have to inhale to create the vapor—the machine has a little fan and it fills a bag. You just have to inhale to get the vapor into your lungs. Ultimately, all vaporizers do the same thing, its just a matter of style, cost and durability.

Like with most things….you get what you pay for! After this mini lesson, I will be sure to follow-up with a more extensive analysis of the different vaporizing options and a more in depth explanation of the benefits of vaporizing. And to make this long story short…..Yes, vaporizing is better for you health wise than smoking, mostly because there is no smoke! And yes, it will still get you high.

Blessed Love
Harvest Honey


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Article by Harvest Honey, on Nov. 28th 2011

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