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Medical Marijuana Books
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" Flip through the pages, and get your information the old school way. "

Sure you can sit online and Google any information you want to about medical marijuana. But sometimes it’s nice to sit down on a comfortable chair with a book, flip through the pages, and get your information the old school way.

There are many books out there about the topic of medical marijuana, and here we highlight a few.

Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine by Lester Grinspoon, is a book full of testimonials by medical marijuana patients. The testimonials are all descriptions of people’s medical problems and how marijuana helped them. Illnesses covered include epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and the nausea associated with chemotherapy. The book definitely focuses on how marijuana alleviates pain and sickness, but it also discusses the stress these patients are forced to endure because they are using a Federally illegal substance.

Joan Bello’s The Benefits Of Marijuana: Physical, Psychological and Spiritual is a holistic book which discusses the modern science of the benefits of marijuana, as well as ancient wisdom about the herb. Psychological, spiritual and physical attributes of marijuana are highlighted, and the book also includes 100 testimonials and new scientific information.

The British Medical Association published a book titled Therapeutic Uses Of Cannabis, which reviews the scientific evidence for the use of medical marijuana. Many different medical conditions that marijuana help are discussed. It also sets the agenda for changing policies so marijuana can be legalized for wider medicinal use.

Hendrick Geels’ The Blessed Herb: Medicinal Cannabis Users in their Own Words is another book of testimonials by patients on their experiences using marijuana, but this book also includes many handy recipes for delicious marijuana edibles.


These are just a few books to check out amongst the many many informative ones on the topic of medical marijuana. Most are available through Amazon.

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