Marijuana Usage Helps Kick Cocaine Addiction

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By Laura Vladimirova


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Marijuana Usage Helps Kick Cocaine Addiction

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" The researchers deduced that the reason the mice dialed back their cocaine habits was that the drug no longer made them feel so good. "
Recently, researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse have found that increased marijuana intake has the potential to curb cocaine addiction. 
The study centers around the relationship between a marijuana receptor called CB2 and how it’s affected by a compound found in marijuana, known as CBD or cannabidol. Similar to THC, CBD is an active marijuana compound.
By activating the CB2 receptor in mice, the mice significantly reduced their cocaine consumption. Their surprising findings directly link increased marijuana consumption to a decrease in cocaine use. Some advocates have suggested that medically, this is radically contrary to the “gateway drug” theory norm.
The doctors used mice that were trained as regular cocaine users and gave them regular doses of synthetic cannabidol called JWH133. Though many find synthetic marijuana compounds to be controversial, since the studies are in their early stages, there is no proof that natural cannabidol would not have the same effect.
Once the mice took the JWH133 doses, their interest in cocaine weaned about 50-60%. It seems JWH133 interferes with the pleasure cocaine users experience.
"The researchers deduced that the reason the mice dialed back their cocaine habits was that the drug no longer made them feel so good," writes Karen Kaplan in the Los Angeles Times.
Interestingly, these findings are not exactly news to medical professionals and medical marijuana advocates who have seen similar substitutions among crack users in the early 90’s. As reported by TIME, previously published national surveys suggest, many users used marijuana to help lower their crack use. Over twenty years later, the medical marijuana community still loudly proclaims that the potential benefits of marijuana require more serious research.
Since these tests have only recently been conducted and have been performed solely on mice, the next step is to identify possible side effects on both mice and humans. 
Along with other positive medical marijuana findings linking it to a prevention of Alzheimer's symptoms, this is yet another reason to fund and develop more medical marijuana related research.

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