Finding Jobs In the Medical Marijuana Industry

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Medical Marijuana dispensaries are a great place to work, full of interesting and friendly people.
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" I hate my job, and I want to get into the medical marijuana field. "

Dear Harvest Honey.
I hate my job, and I want to get into the medical marijuana field. How and where do I start? Is it safe?


Stoney Sean Maloney (Seattle)


Recently, I was asked this same question by my old economics professor who is retiring from teaching and wants to get into the medical marijuana business. I'm going to tell you the same warning I gave him. I can give you some tips on how to get into the business, but be careful, because once you're in the amazing cannabis industry, you'll never want to leave.

The most important thing is you must decide what it is you enjoy about medical marijuana. Many people love growing their own MMJ, for personal use as well as providing medicine for others. But growing isn't for everyone, and there's plenty of other opportunities in the growing Medical Marijuana industry. I personally LOVE being around big beautiful buds—smoking, eating, drinking, growing, trimming, and discussing.

There are so many options that are fun and rewarding, but I'll touch on just a few that offer great opportunity for growth while still being able to do what you love. If Medical Cannabis is legal in your state, look into the local laws pertaining to collective/cooperative/compassion clubs and then follow your smokey dreams.


Start A Collective

This particular decision can make your life to be a little bit of a roller coaster quite honestly. The political climate for collectives seems to change by the hour, and delivery service takes a bit longer to really take off. To get this business model off the ground it takes 100% dedication, a substantial financial investment and a good lawyer. Know your rights, and have all staff members be on point with a keen understanding of the law. Have a "code of conduct" on how to handle the law enforcement. Which brings me to…


Become A Budtender/Compassion Ambassador

Forget being a bartender, become a budtender! Usually you have to know someone to get this gig because trust is the highest priority; you handle a collectives two most important things—its medicine and its patients! This is not a job for the lazy or impatient. If the club your working at is well run, you will need to know your cannabis strains and sub-species (ie: indica v sativa), as well as be personable and compassionate.

MMJ patients received their recommendation because they have a medical condition, some more severe than others, and not all of them are visible. Always keep in mind that many people have a recommendation for cannabis because they have an emotional disorder like PTSD or BiPolar, and be kind. Practice what I like to call situational awareness, and know your rights!


Start Your Own Edible Collective

If you have a good trim/shake connection, a part-time rental of a commercial kitchen, good recipes, nice packaging, and a quality medicated butter, oil or glycerin recipe, then you have yourself a start up small business. I always recommend testing your products with a reputable lab so you can rock legit labels that validate your product and adding value by showing potency and consistency!

The basics are always good to have on call like brownies and crispies because they sell and have low overhead and level of difficulty. But the key is to make your own name by creating your own product. A candy, drink, special cookie or drop.  Not too weak, not too strong with a shelf life that’s long.


This industry takes all kinds. No matter where your heart lies, so long as it’s attached to irie vibes. I’m sure there is a place for you here!

Blessed Love,
Harvest Honey

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Article by Harvest Honey, on Feb. 6th 2012

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