EXCLUSIVE: Hacktivists Anonymous To Battle Medical Marijuana Prohibition

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Anonymous plan to disrupt the RNC for medical marijuana.

Anonymous plan to disrupt the RNC for medical marijuana.
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" I’m doing my part in spreading the word so the people are informed on the medical benefits of marijuana, so they know facts not fiction. "
- @Ganjanon

International hacktivist group Anonymous have made plenty of headlines the past few years, coordinating or participating in online attacks against Paypal and Mastercard (in response for their blocking of payments to Wikileaks), The Motion Picture Association of America and even the US Justice Department. 

Members of the Anonymous secret circle have also branched out putting their efforts into supporting the Occupy Wall Street Movement and now, to battle the “new evil” of marijuana prohibition.

“#OpCannibis,” or Operation Cannabis is the official Anonymous war on America's war on drugs. They launched their movement on the national toker's holiday of 4/20 with the release of a video and an online statement depicting phase 1 of their work. Now, they may be ready to start on the next part of their plan. 

In a series of compiled internal interviews, the leaders of OpCannabis talk exclusively to Big Buds to reveal their goals and intentions. Being a secret and decentralized group, we only know their online names:

The “Legion for Legalization” aims to do several things. Primary on their agenda is education. “ I feel that the 'upper powers' are not being completely honest with the people...I feel someone needs to take stand to show the truth and facts,” writes @Bak3dAn0n.

Second, the group wants to create a comprehensive OpCannabisMap, which is a centralized map for information regarding the most up-to-date state medical marijuana laws, contact information for key figures such as medicinal marijuana community leaders, and anything else the group deems useful for the movement.

Then, as the momentum for the group grows, they plan on enacting on their trademark work of  “electronic civil disobedience" at August's Republican National Convention. The group is asking that citizens “rise up, and show the Republican Party and the world that [medical and recreational] cannabis use should be decriminalized by protesting at this year's Republican National Convention...held in Tampa, FL Aug 27 through 30."

Read their full statements:

We are Anonymous, We are Legion for Legalization! We are everyone + no one. Expect us. #OpCannabis


"I love cannabis, and I fight for what I believe is right in my eyes. I feel that the "upper powers" are not being completely honest with the people about cannabis. I feel someone needs to take stand to show the truth + facts about cannabis and fight to help legalize it. If no one takes a stand, who will? That's why I joined #OpCannabis“

- @Bak3dAn0n
"I’m doing my part in spreading the word so the people are informed on the medical benefits of marijuana, so they know facts not fiction”

- @Ganjanon
"I’ve been involved with #OpCannabis by helping spread the word about legalization and its benefits via Twitter, and at many Occupy protests/rallies in Canada. I’m constantly striving to bring awareness and expose the truth about Cannabis, the current laws and reasoning behind them. I am a major marijuana advocate + activist, helping the legalization movement in both Canada and the United Sates. Currently, I’m working with @Anonijuana and @p3t3rc0tt0nTai1 on a project called the #OpCannabisMap. Upon launch at http://www.opCannabisMap.tk , it will require the involvement of the general public. More info about the project can be found at http://www.pastebay.net/525219”

- @mBudAnon
"Spearheading OpCannabisMap, in conjunction with OpCannabis.  As well as, helping to spread the knowledge of local and state laws about cannabis and giving people the ability to contact their law makers to try and change the oppressive/corrupt system.  Involvement with the operation was for many reasons but the main reason is the benefit that cannabis, in all forms, can have for people. People should be free to use a natural non-addictive substance to aid in the recovery from what ails them.  People should not be forced to pay absurd prices for prescription medication that can very will agitate the symptoms the “medicine” is supposed to prevent.  Not to mention the benefits of taxing Medical Cannabis will have a drastically positive influence on our economy, but our “Law makers” are in bed with big Pharmaceutical which is preventing millions of people from the benefit of a plant.  In conclusion, with the legalization of cannabis the United States would see a drastic reduction in the number of incarcerated people thus lowering the need for more, privatized, prisons as well as help the economy."

- @P3t3rC0tt0ntai1
“Being involved in #OpCannabis is proving a fun experience so far. As a long-time Cannabis Law Reform supporter, this is a perfect opportunity to use any talents I have that would help the movement forward. Whether it's on the internet or in person, any skills you supporters out there have, use it to viralize this movement. The time for change is now. Legalize."

 - @SolarHits
"I have been an activist for cannabis legalization for several years. I have attended rallies, signed countless petitions and lobbied members of Canada's parliament. Social media such as Twitter has given me the opportunity to educate many non-users about the injustice of cannabis prohibition and encourage them to add their voices and votes to the cause. The many uses and benefits of this plant are well known but continue to be denied by the people we elect and have the power to end the misguided prohibition of cannabis. Our elected leaders must be held accountable to the will of the people. The money being spent in the war on drugs including the imprisonment of our brothers and sisters only enriches the drug cartels, the prison for profit industry and the corporations whose products would be in competition with cannabis. I believe that #Anonymous and #OpCannabis increases our influence exponentially, offers support and encouragement and hopefully strikes a little fear in those governments that continue to deny their citizens access to the miracle of cannabis. We are legion. Expect us to end prohibition."

- @toker57
“One of the biggest points I try to emphasize is spreading knowledge of what cannabis can do for the people, the potential to cure cancer and help millions! The illegality of hemp is pointless + hurtful to humanity. The more people who know that the government lies about marijuana, the sooner the government will realize they can’t keep it up forever."

- @420Anonymous420
“I truly believe that #OpCannabis and other social media movements are essential in our goal to legalize marijuana in North America. Why? Well lots people fear speaking out against prohibition, but #OpCannabis gives those people a voice. A voice that NEEDS to be heard!

- @LetsBlazeBro
“I've been fighting for marijuana rights for 3 years now because its a plant, how do you make nature illegal? It grows like tomatoes, but has a very useful medical purpose. With the Fed and even our local government fucking with us here in Oakland, it only motivates me more to fight for what I know is right. Even just by decriminalizing marijuana, millions of lives and billions of dollars would be saved."

- @DJ_JDot
“While sitting on Twitter one day I stumbled across a user going by the name of "Anonijuana" He was tweeting about needing help to spread the word, and the works of Anonymous on an operation called #OpCannabis. I knew it was time for me to stand up for a plant that has helped me throughout my life, and should be legalized for personal use.
I have been a criminal in the eyes of the law for many of years. There have been a lot of Americans that have lost their jobs, and been imprisoned for cannabis. Estimates in 2009 show that 16.7 million Americans used marijuana. So if that many people are using it, why is it not legal like alcohol and tobacco Why are American politicians wasting all of our tax money on a "War on Drugs," that obviously 16.7 million citizens would have to be imprisoned for?

In Honor of Jeremy Hammond, who once urged people to us "Electronic Civil Disobedience" to disrupt the Republican National Convention we are asking the citizens of the united states to rise up, and show the Republican Party and the world that Cannabis should be De-Criminalized by protesting at this years Republican National Convention that is being held in Tampa, FL Aug 27 - 30. Hope to see you there.

- Anonymous


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