Keep Your Medical Marijuana Fresh With These Long-Term Storage Tips

So you’ve got a mountain of delicious medical marijuana buds, and if you’re not helping provide other patients with medicine you’re gonna have to preserve it somewhere safe. I mean, you need to make sure to provide an ample supply for yourself ’til next season.

There are several ways to go about this, but here is what you need to be primarily concerned with: location, light and moisture, and location.

When storing lots of medical marijuana, you must do it in a place that is safe foremost, a place that only you or maybe one other person might know about, a place that the thieves and scoundrels won’t find. This is the reason growers in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity have been known to bury their crop in the ground in 50-gallon drums.

There are several advantages to this. The ground offers a controlled environment because temperatures stay consistent and the harmful rays of the sun are kept from deteriorating the finished product. For ages now, wine makers have stored their prized creations in underground cellars for this reason. It works the same way with medicinal marijuana, which often gets better with a proper cure. Since burying might be too impractical for most, find a dark and safe place that is around 60°F-70°F.

Moisture is another important thing to consider when storing buds long-term. You want to hold in the moisture remaining in the crop, but you don’t want any additional moister leaking in that could create mold. For purposes of long-term storage, cheap storage containers do not work. They are not airtight and invite harmful moisture in or allow natural moisture to evaporate, causing your buds to dry out and lose their smell and flavor. One of the most practical storage solutions is turkey bags. There are a few companies out on the market that offer these bags in bulk. True Liberty offers bags in 10, 25, or 100 packs for a little more than a dollar per bag. The only drawback of these bags is that you need to put them in another container to keep light out.

Black Magic Odor Barrier Bags are ideal for longterm storage. They are FDA approved, and engineered to keep out damaging light and keep in “extreme” odors. The bags come in medium and large, are puncture resistant, and, of course, black in color. While a little more pricey – about $11 for a 5 pack – these bags are well worth it since they ensure your buds are kept in ideal conditions.

One final note on storing medical marijuana for the long term – make sure to air out your buds about once or twice a month. This will allow them to breathe and the container to exhaust its stale air. As long as you keep harmful light out and maintain internal moisture while keeping out external moisture, you will be supplied until your next harvest. While your buddy may be medicating with dried up dirt weed, you will be smoking primo MMJ bud that gets better with time.

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