Jungle Juice Three Part Fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients

There’s absolutely no shame in saving a few bucks on hydroponic fertilizers. Medical marijuana gardening can be an extremely expensive hobby and, in order to stay competitive, some growers need to pinch pennies. There is shame, however, in using generic three part nutrient regiments that may contain harmful synthetic dyes and are not designed for medical marijuana. Advanced Nutrients understands that some growers have budgetary restraints that keep them from using the more expensive, premium fertilizers. They also understand that using a generic three part formula on precious medicinal plants is unacceptable. That is why Advanced Nutrients designed Jungle Juice.

Jungle Juice is the most affordable three part fertilizer formula specifically developed for medical marijuana. Now growers from any economic background can enjoy fertilizers made specifically for their type of crop. If you are a user of a generic three part fertilizer it’s time for you to take the Jungle Juice challenge. Go down to your local hydroponics retailer and tell them you want to try Advanced Nutrients’ Jungle Juice risk-free. Set up a side by side comparison garden and watch the magic happen. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of Jungle Juice simply return it for a full refund.

Jungle Juice is an easy to use, mix and contains only organic dyes that will not harm your plants. Thousands of man hours and hundreds of laboratory experiments went into to making this breakthrough formula which allows your plants to get the right nutrient at the right time. Finally an inexpensive fertilizer line made specifically for medical marijuana. Thank you, Advanced Nutrients.

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