Indoor Marijuana Grow Room Air Conditioning Basics

In previous articles, I have discussed combining air cooling methods and air conditioners to keep unwanted heat out of the grow room. Choosing the proper air conditioner is imperative to any medical marijuana grower’s success. If the air conditioner is undersized or inefficient a gardener’s yield goes down as their electricity bills go up. Therefore, it is extremely important to do research on the different types of air conditioners available and find the correct fit for your grow room.

Portable air conditioners have few advantages and many disadvantages. This type of air conditioner is my least favorite choice for indoor growing environments because they are extremely inefficient. The need to exhaust the heat through a run of ducting means less heat is ultimately transferred out of the grow room. The longer the exhaust duct run, the less efficient a portable air conditioner is. These units are relatively expensive for their BTU ratings, which tend to be inaccurate because they are measured without the exhaust duct run being considered. These units also take air directly from the grow room, therefore affecting CO2 enrichment and causing odor control issues. The only real advantage is that these units are generally on wheels and are portable, making moving or changing locations easier.

Wall mount or window mount units are the old standard. These units are self-contained, exhausting heat directly outside and taking in fresh air from outside to cool and blow into the room. These units are more efficient than the portable air conditioners but require a window or large hole to be cut in the wall. These units tend to be noisy and, like the portable air conditioners, they draw air directly from the room causing odor control issues and affecting CO2 enrichment.

In my opinion the best A/C unit for medical marijuana growers is a mini split system. A mini split system is made up of two components: a compressor which sits outside and a evaporator which is mounted within the room. Heat is removed from the room through refrigerant that is pumped between the compressor and evaporator. These units are extremely efficient due to their duct-free design and do not interfere with a grow room’s CO2 levels. Also, because the air from the room is not removed, these A/C units do not create additional odor problems.

A company by the name of Excel Air Systems makes great mini split units for the indoor grow room. Their units come pre-charged with coolant, allowing the consumer to install without the need of a certified technician. They have most recently released their Stealth Series mini splits which have a separate sound deadening box covering the compressor in the outdoor condensing unit. This makes the unit nearly silent and perfect for growers with nosy neighbors. Besides making amazing plug and play air conditioning units, Excel Air Systems also offers the industry’s best customer support. They offer step by step trouble shooting for any issues concerning electrical, installation, or operation. Find the perfect fit for all your air conditioning needs with Excel Air System’s unit selector at

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