Omar MateenIf Omar Mateen was known to the government as an illegal marijuana grower, he probably wouldn’t have been walking around buying guns.

What if Orlando Mass Murderer Omar Mateen Had Been a Marijuana Grower

As a Florida marijuana grower and Floridian, I hate that shooter Omar Mateen killed 49 people and seriously wounded many others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Based on what police did to me when they suspected me of growing weed, if Mateen had been involved with marijuana, law enforcement would have had him under surveillance or maybe even behind bars rather than out on the street buying guns.

Because in Florida and most other places in America, it’s easier to legally buy a gun and be a potential terrorist than it is to grow or buy marijuana.

Consider the fact that law enforcement knew for several years Mateen made terror threats, was a wife beater, and was on the terrorist watch list for nearly a year.

Mateen was friends with a guy who later became a suicide bomber, and was close to a radical Florida Muslim leader.

I was shocked to read published reports that Mateen’s second wife allegedly knew of his plans to commit a Jihadist attack and drove him to the gun shop to buy ammo—but she never notified law enforcement in an attempt to stop him.

She also allegedly accompanied Mateen on “scouting missions” during which he was “scoping out” Disney World and Pulse for a jihadi attack.

There are arguments about what role if any Mateen’s wife played or what she knew or when she knew it.

Some news reports say Mateen’s wife is denying she knew of or assisted the Pulse attack.

Other reports say Mateen and his wife texted each other during the Pulse nightclub massacre.

When I got busted in Florida for growing marijuana, police immediately arrested my girlfriend who showed up during the raid, even though she didn’t live with me and wasn’t growing cannabis with me.

They immediately assumed she knew about my “marijuana crime” and participated in it, even though they had no evidence of that.

But as I write this today, Mateen’s wife is still walking around free!

In my previous article for, I described the vast amount of time and money Florida police spent to get evidence I was a marijuana grower and bust me for growing marijuana.

Here are the stats on what the police did in my case:

  • They paid a confidential informant $9,513 to give false information about me.
  • They had at least three detectives or investigators working my case during the nine months they investigated me.
  • They used 19 officers, and many vehicles, to conduct the raid.
  • They expended hundreds of work hours on me.
  • For several days or weeks, they had me under 24-hour surveillance.
  • The used a handheld infrared detector to “see” my indoor grow lights.
  • Police took my garbage cans from in front of my house, brought them to a remote location, and searched them.

I only had 17 marijuana plants.

If you know anything about the marijuana growing industry, you know this is a small grow op, not a major commercial enterprise.

Police injured me during the arrest.

I had to spend a lot of money on an attorney.

Getting busted was a life-wrecker, and all because I grew healing plants!

Since my arrest, I’ve talked to other Florida marijuana growers who’ve run afoul of law enforcement.

In every case, we recognize that law enforcement pays very close, constant attention to cannabis growers who are on their radar.

In Florida, law enforcement has the time to spy on some hydroponics retail stores, copying license plates of customers and then trying to find “high” electricity usage or other “evidence” so they can get search warrants to use against the hydroponics customers.

All that effort to stop people from growing plants, while people like Omar Mateen are known to law enforcement, and nobody is watching them.

The FBI questioned Mateen several times in the last three years after hearing from Mateen’s co-workers and others that he made statements in favor of ISIS and Al Qaeda, and that he was an aggressive, threatening, scary individual.

And yet, Mateen was walking around free and no government agency was watching him.

He was able to go into a gun shop and legally purchase guns.

And work for an elite security company that has US government contracts.

I also note that in Florida, Mateen was able to easily buy guns, including an assault rifle, and ammunition, even though he’d been under investigation for terrorist connections.

In Florida, some hydroponics stores are under constant police surveillance, but nobody has reported that any gun stores are under police surveillance.

If Mateen wasn’t a terrorist a-hole wanting to buy an assault rifle but instead was a woman who wanted an abortion, he’d have had far more trouble getting an abortion than getting a gun– because Florida has mandatory counseling and waiting periods that force a woman to wait to get an abortion.

If Omar Mateen wanted to buy or grow marijuana, he couldn’t do it legally in Florida, and if he got caught with a gun along with a marijuana garden, he’d be in even more trouble.

In fact, due to federal laws, anyone involved with marijuana (legally or illegally) faces enhanced penalties if they possess firearms.

Read this and you’ll see be shocked to discover that when you get involved with cannabis, you give up your Second Amendment rights!

I’ve turned into a crusader who spends a lot of time saying marijuana should be immediately and federally legalized so the war on marijuana ends.

I’d guess that anyone reading agrees that Omar Mateen should have been under constant surveillance, on a list of people banned from buying guns… and that those of us who grow marijuana shouldn’t be under surveillance at all.

Federal and state government in America spends at least $2 billion a year enforcing marijuana laws.

If they’d end marijuana prohibition and instead use drug war money to pay attention to Omar Mateen and other terrorists, the 49 people Mateen murdered in Orlando would be alive today.

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