Hydroponic Systems Take A Step Forward With The Under Current System

Hydroponic systems for growing medicinal cannabis have evolved tremendously in the last decade. Nutrient film technique, deep water culture, ebb and flow and aeroponics are a few examples of the systems found in today’s hydroponic grower communities. Regardless of the system, the same problems occur when growing without soil. The main obstacles faced by hydroponic gardeners are high water temperatures and pH and nutrient consistency. Large pumps circulate water quickly, but diminish the dissolved oxygen content with the heat they create. Gravity feed or non-circulating systems keep water temperatures low, but pH levels and nutrient content may vary greatly throughout these systems.

The Under Current system by Current Culture H2O offers a new type of hydroponic system that addresses the most common problems of soilless growing. The Under Current system uses peripheral negative pressure to circulate the nutrient solution through the root zone of each plant. Negative pressure circulation uses a smaller pump than would be used in a traditional re-circulating system. A smaller pump produces less heat, enabling a higher dissolved oxygen content in the nutrient solution. Continuous circulation provides uniform pH and nutrient levels and allows adjustments to be made with ease. Current Culture H20 delivers numerous options making their line of Sub-current culture systems customizable to any indoor garden.

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