marijuana growersMale marijuana growers need to be careful when they get involved with a woman.

How Women Can Harm Male Marijuana Growers

As a woman marijuana grower who writes for, marijuana growers appreciate my marijuana aphrodisiac sex articles.

They like using marijuana to create endless orgasms only women can feel.

But now I’m writing this “warning” article because several male marijuana growers in my social networks had a vengeful or whacko wife or girlfriend who reported their grow op to the police and got them busted.

A marijuana grower named Hank wrote two articles for us about what happened when his wife got mad at him.

It was a sick situation you can read about here.

I know male marijuana growers whose wives or girlfriends blackmailed them with threats about child custody or narking.

The growers had to “buy out” the women as a bribe to keep them from carrying out their nasty threats!

What I realize is, most guys have a deluded view of what women are really like.

Some women really are angels, good people, the best friend you could ever have.

But the sad truth is that many women, by nature and by social training, tend to be into playing games.

A lot of girls care most about how many resources the man has, not if the man is a good, kind person.

And there are girls who have very serious emotional and psychological problems that can harm a man who cares for them.

You’ve probably noticed society is constantly telling men they treat women badly, and women “have other options.”

Women can use vibrators and other sex toys (I’ve done articles about sex toys).

Or women can be bi-sexual or lesbian.

They don’t need a man to have “good sex.”

They don’t need a man at all, and they’re not shy about telling that to their man.

It can destroy a man’s confidence and self-esteem, when the woman he loves tells him he’s a piece of shit.

My male friends tell me that finding and keeping a good woman is difficult and depressing.

Many of them have been lied to, betrayed, devastated by a woman.

The normal ups and downs of romantic love become very dangerous if you’re a marijuana grower, because of the threat that the woman will nark you out or rip you off.

That’s why I encourage marijuana growers not to be slaves to women.

This common advice is worth repeating: Guys, think with your big head, not your little head.

Yeah, if you’re a heterosexual guy, built into your brain and body are powerful evolutionary urges forcing you to intensely crave a woman’s body and love more than anything else.

When you follow the advice in my articles to use marijuana as an aphrodisiac portal to create intense sex for you and a girl, you can get hooked on her sexuality… because marijuana sex is the highest pleasure you’ll ever experience.

A woman can get you higher than even the best dabs.

But can you handle that insane pleasure without getting addicted to it?

Worse yet, are you fully aware that women routinely use sexual skills to hook and control men?

Women these days are programmed from an early age to be players, to use their sexuality in scheming ways.

Look at Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and a lot of other female celebs.

They sexually flaunt their bodies, while complaining about men lusting after their bodies.

Many women under age 40 have been fed media propaganda that all men are jerks.

They’re told women are the “better” gender, their vagina is a gold mine.

I get it that a male marijuana grower’s life can be lonely.

You have to be a loner because your grow op has to be kept secret, especially where cannabis isn’t yet legalized.

So if you find yourself desperate for female companionship, take a moment to control your mind and heart.

Take a look at your marijuana grow op. Do you give it enough time?

Are your marijuana plants neglected?

Are you getting every gram of bud you could pull from that grow op?

If you find a woman and she wants you to give her all your attention, what happens to your plants?

If you get involved with a woman, can you trust her to know you’re a marijuana grower?

Watch the videos in this article and concentrate on what they’re saying.

Maybe you already have a wonderful female partner.

If so, consider yourself very fortunate.

The final thing I can say is that love is indeed a battlefield.

If you’re a pot grower, a loss on that battlefield can lead to you spending time in prison.

So guard yourself and your plants. Guard your heart. Love yourself and your life!

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