Higher Education: Five Schools For Growing Marijuana

With medicinal cannabis now legalized across 16 states (and Washington DC), a new generation of professional growers, caretakers, hobbyists and patients are seeking guidance regarding the best ways to grow marijuana. To provide detailed education about the emerging medical marijuana industry and various techniques for growing weed, many trade schools in America are setting up cannabis colleges.

These institutions of “higher” education are extremely helpful for medical marijuana growers who wish to learn about a variety of growing techniques — including hydroponic and aeroponic methods, which help in saving space as well as labor cost. Students are also taught the various state laws that allow them to grow safely and legally.

In states that don’t allow for a network of dispensaries, these Do-It-Yourself methods of supplying medicine to those in need is often a personal mission, and many of the students at these schools themselves suffer from chronic pain or other ailments, or are supply medicine to loved ones. It is a stark contrast to the massive pharmaceutical industry in the United States—a grass roots effort for treating the sick.

Some of the popular cannabis growing colleges in the US are:

Oaksterdam University: Oaksterdam is said to be USA’s first Cannabis College. Founded in 2007, this college claims to have faculty including many of the most recognized names in the California cannabis legalization movement. Oaksterdam offers semester programs in which students are educated about politics and history of the marijuana industry, federal vs. state laws, horticulture (learning to grow cannabis from start through harvest), various methods of ingestion, and the science of cannabis. For students who commute, Oaksterdam University offers weekend courses At the end of the course, students are awarded with a Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Achievement. (


Med Grow Cannabis College: Located in Southfield, Michigan, this college offers instructions using live cannabis plants. Various courses like introduction to Medical Marijuana Horticulture, Plant Physiology, Financial Planning, and Soil and Soil-less mixtures for cannabis cultivation are conducted at Med Grow. Co-founder and president Nick Tennant, the 24-year-old son of a General Motors employee, said in an interview with The New York Times, “This state needs jobs, and we think medical marijuana can stimulate the state economy with hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars.” This institute is one of several unaccredited schools to have sprung up in the 16 states that have legalized medical use of marijuana. (

Greenway University: Based in Colorado, a states that is setting the cannabis industry standards, Greenway University is the first state-licensed MMJ University, offering marijuana courses in Colorado, Arizona and California. Various programs include MBA (Marijuana Business Administration), Master Grower Certification, and Budtender Certification. (


420 College: This premier medical marijuana school in California has been educating students on various methods of cannabis growing since March 2009. The school offers personal counseling on everything from grow room set-up to “how to start marijuana collective.” If students cannot make it to their live seminars, 420 College offers online video seminars on “Starting Marijuana Business in California.” These seminars cover the legal aspect of medical cannabis growth and detailed information regarding Proposition 215. Special guidance is also provided on opening a medical marijuana dispensary. (

Hydro College: Hydro College teaches Michigan residents to grow medical marijuana legally—from seed selection to plant curing to harvesting. Founder of Hydro College, Danny Trevino, also owns a hydroponic medical marijuana store. Danny instructs students on vegetative methods of cannabis cultivation, use of lights, protection of your garden from pests, usage of fertilizers, watering techniques and other crucial factors in marijuana cultivation. (

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