Here’s How You Find the Best Marijuana For the Hottest Sex!

Here’s How You Find the Best Marijuana For the Hottest Sex!

People ask me how they can find the best marijuana for making sex truly amazing.

This is a great question, because marijuana doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

And we’re not just talking about the best marijuana flowers for sex…we’re talking about how butane honey oil, medibles, cannabis tinctures, and other marijuana products affect you sexually.

Here’s how you find the best marijuana for sex so you have more fun with the world’s kindest aphrodisiac…

• When you use a whole flower or cannabis concentrate product, pay very close attention to how it makes you feel.

Of course, one important question is: does it make you horny?

The common wisdom is that marijuana dominated by Indica genetics is the best marijuana for sex because it’s a body high, and marijuana dominated by Sativa genetics isn’t as good because it’s a mind high.

But I’ve found that’s an unreliable generalization.

Sometimes Indica-dominant weed makes me too sedated or clumsy to make love.

Other times, Sativa-dominant weed makes my mind add all sorts of delicious “hallucinations” onto the sexual body pleasure.

Really the most important question is: does a specific strain or type of cannabis make YOU horny and does it give you the physical and mental high you need so you can do sexual activity that takes advantage of the aphrodisiac effect?

Those are two different questions, and it’s unfortunate to note that sometimes some kinds of marijuana decrease your sexual performance and pleasure, whether you’re a man or woman.

For example, I wrote an article about guys who suffer from the “stoner boner” problem.

But hey guys, don’t feel bad, because marijuana can negatively affect a woman’s physiological sexual performance too!

What I mean is, maybe you’ve noticed that your mouth gets dry when you inhale cannabis sometimes.

Well guess what—marijuana can have that same dehydrating effect…on a woman’s p***y.

It sounds crazy, but a girl can be super-aroused in her mind, but dry as a desert inside her p***y.

In those cases, use marijuana massage oil to provide lubrication and make things feel nice and slippery!

Always be honest with yourself when you examine how marijuana physically affects your ability to engage in sex.

If it isn’t working right for you, try a different strain of marijuana, or maybe try a medible, tincture, or marijuana massage oil instead of inhaling.

• When you’re high, does marijuana make you more able to relate to your sex partner in a helpful and intimate way?

Some sex partners find that when they’re high they communicate better, are more sexually adventurous, and have stronger orgasms.

For example, you can read my previous article where I explain that I had been a heterosexual woman uninterested in having sex with another woman…until I got high with a woman who wanted to have sex with me.

Suddenly, what previously I’d considered as a no-go seemed hot. I had girl-girl sex with her, and it was totally satisfying.

But I’ve also had times when I got high with a sex partner and the high made me feel bad, nervous, or otherwise not interested in sex.

I was so high I couldn’t focus on the sexual pleasure, my mind was racing, or my body was numb.

It only happened with some marijuana strains, and I made sure never to use those strains again in any potentially sexual situation.

That’s why I advise that you carefully evaluate how each marijuana strain, and different types of marijuana products (butane honey oil, medibles, tinctures, topicals, budder, bubblehash, and others) affect you sexually.

Keep a list of what kinds and categories of marijuana make you more able to relate to your sex partner, have great erections (or get really wet and wild if you’re a woman), and have more intense orgasms.

Sex and marijuana go together well, but not all kinds and categories of marijuana work well for sexual activity in your specific situation.

In some situations, the dynamic between you and your sex partner, and how marijuana affects that dynamic and you individually, can determine whether marijuana is an aphrodisiac in that situation.

The good news is that for most of us who use marijuana, it is a powerful aphrodisiac…as long as you choose the best marijuana that helps you feel horny, enables rather than deters your sexual performance, and makes you super-orgasmic.

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